Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection | Spring 2013

I have to stay away from sweets ever since my mother died of complications of diabetes some years back. I had no choice but to stay away to one of the the most delicious food for my taste buds. But last week was an exception to the normal rule I have because I was invited to the launch of Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection - Spring 2013

When I arrived to Tous Les Jour - Eastwood, the first question that came out my mouth was what kind of sugar they use on their products. One of the servers said that they use normal sugar but on a very low amount. And that gave me a go signal to attack what I see, just because I know I can jog all the sugars away days after.

Just like the other Etude House products, Sweet Recipe Collection are housed in a very cute, girly type of packaging -- imitating the desserts. From cupcakes to peppero, they have it. 

Jelly Lipstick
Cotton Candy Balls
Cupcake Eyes
There was a makeup demonstration on how to use the products of the Sweet Recipe Collection channeling a simple look with a focus on a part. The makeup artist of Etude House Korea did the Sulli (one of the two newest Etude House endorsers, together with Crystal of F(X)) which focuses more on the base makeup. 

Since it was held in Tous Les Jour, the head baker, Peter, did a cake demonstration featuring the famous rose cake of the shop. They said that the cake was a hit last Valentine and will definitely be a sold out come Mother's Day. I totally agree since the people in our house loved it so much that I only ate a spoonful of it. :(

Sadly, the Sweet Recipe Collection is not yet available in Etude House Philippines stores but stocks will slowly arrive throughout March. Be excited because the entire collection will be out in local stores! As in the entire collection including the gel eyeliner, brushes, eyeshadow duos and palette. 

Each of the attendee was given a house that includes some of the products to be available soon in local stores. The weirdo in me hasn't opened the house yet just because everything is too cute to be used. Don't worry, I'll sure overcome this craziness soon and I'll give you reviews and looks with some of the Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection - Spring 2013 products. 

 I am so excited to use the Baby Choux bases! How about you? Are you excited in trying the newest from Etude House? :)

*Photos were taken with an iPhone 4, hence, the quality.

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