Tutorial | (Heavily) Defined Brows

I love my brows. No one will dare to question to what extent given that I give the most attention to my brows whenever I do my makeup. Needless to say, I can last the day with just my defined brows. I have various ways on how I fill it in, depending on my mood. Don't worry, I'll post it here but for now let me share to you one way that I am loving lately.

For the past weeks, or maybe months, I am into heavily defined brows. When I say heavily defined brows, I mean strong and fierce-looking. I love how it exaggerates my features and how it can bring life to any makeup look that I do. No major changes happened to the last How I fill in my brows post that I did more than a year ago. This is just more detailed and more, well, defined. 

If you would notice, my kind of brows have clean and defined (How many times should I mention define/defined in this post? Hehe!) edges. I like it to be a standout regardless of the look I am making. Call me weird but I spend a good 10 minutes of my everyday, just to make sure I achieve this kind of brows. 

Before we start, let me introduce to you my brow arsenal. The kind of product I use depending on the brow-look I am going for. For the heavily defined brows, I'll be using the following:

brow pencil -- In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
clear mascara -- Nichido Clear Mascara
concealer -- Nichido Spot Concealer
spooly -- Marionnaud Dual-ended eyebrow brush and spooly
brow definer brush -- Charm eyebrow brush (part of the Pro set)
concealer brush -- ELF Concealer Brush

I have shared some tips in my previous How I fill in my brows? post that may be helpful for some of you (read it HERE).

1. Start with tamed brows. Pluck away stray hair and if needed, cut hairs up to the desired length. -- Go to a professional to have your eyebrows shaped for the first time to make sure you'll get what is best-suited to your features.

2. With a spooly, brush the hair going to its natural shape. It will be easier to define the brows this way. -- From the inner part up to the arch, brush the hair upwards going out then from the arch, brush it downwards.

3. With an eyebrow pencil (make sure it has pointed tip) trace the shape of the inner 2/3 of the brows. Stop at the arch or the highest point of the brows.

4. From the arch, draw the shape of the tip you want. In my case, I prefer the tip of my brows to be longer and pointed, hence, I draw mine like so. -- If you're good in drawing, here's the time you can somehow make your brows look the same!

5. Once satisfied with the shape, fill in the outer 1/3 of your brows with the pencil. The pencil will act as a base for the powder that you'll use later.

6. Top the pencil with a dark brown eyebrow powder/ eyeshadow (I use a shade darker than what I normally use for my brows). You may also want to trace the lower shape of the brows. This will make the brows look 3-dimensional.

7. Fill in the inner 2/3 with the a powder that is about 2-3 shades lighter than your hair color. Fade away the color as soon as you get near the nose. 

8. With a cotton bud, clean up the edges.

9. This step is optional but honestly, it will make a huge difference. With a concealer, clean up the shape of the eyebrows. In my case, I use a concealer pencil for precision. This step will help you further achieve the shape you want for your brows.

10. Blend away the concealer. Retouch with powder the areas erased by the concealer. Use a spooly to blend the colors of the brows.

11. Use a brow gel to keep the brows in place. Then you're DONE.

It looks too much for just a pair of browse but I love the difference it gives. Again and forever I will say that I can last the day with just my defined brows. Actually, I am meaning to get more products and brushes just for my brows. Can you recommend eyebrow products that I should try? :)

What kind of look do you want for your brows? :)

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