My hair got fixed at Bench Fix

Lately, I am nothing but a lousy blogger. Though I wanted to keep the 3 posts a week I pledged earlier this year, my busy schedule just couldn't allow me. I will try to keep the pace, but this time, no promises involved.

Let's go to a quick post, shall we? :)

A month ago, I realized my hair needed some loving. It looked thin, dry and boring. I wanted some change, especially on how my hair looks. I initially planned on going to my usual hair salon where they would just cut my hair without analyzing it but a thought on spending more on something that needs utmost care struck me. So there I went to Bench Fix at SM Marikina and had my hair styled and cut by one of their senior hairstylist, Leo.

Before and after the much needed cut.
Actually, going to Bench Fix to seek the greatness of Leo was a recommendation of a good friend. He said, he would only entrust his crowning glory to hands of Leo and I should, too. I believe his words because I am a witness of the glorious achievements of his hair adventures. So when my hair called for change, I had no one in mind but Leo.

I scheduled my visit on the same date my friend went for a haircut so he could endorse me properly to his hairstylist for more than 7 years. I just asked Leo to make my hair look thicker, nothing more. Then I left everything on his hands.

After some cuts and trims, I was amazed with the result. My hair looked amazingly beautiful! My wish was granted, my hair no longer looks limp and well, boring.

Will I be going back to Leo? Definitely! I have learned my lesson, dear! I will never again mind spending a few hundreds more just to give my hair the love it badly needs. If you happen to live near SM Marikina, go to Bench Fix (look for Leo) for your hair needs! :)

This is not a sponsored post. How I wish it was!

Does my new hair suit me? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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