Review: Glory of New York/Iris Lipsticks

I remember arguing with the boyfriend about getting new tubes of lipsticks just because he couldn't understand why I need to have tons of it. Though he wasn't able to totally stop me from getting more lipsticks, his argument about how I should feel bad for the lipsticks I don't get to use that often struck me. I didn't want to keep them just for the sake of my collection so I gave some to my friends. Now, I feel good with the thoughts of getting more lipsticks, in different type and color, because my lipsticks box has enough space to accommodate the newest additions!

The first batch that was welcomed in my now spacious lipstick box were the Glory of New York/Iris Lipsticks.

Though I, honestly, don't have much knowledge about the brand I didn't hesitate on trying Glory of New York's products because everything looks very promising. Here is an information about the brand I got from Glory of New York - Philippines' Facabook page:
Glory of New York, is an established cosmaceuticals and cosmetics brand, manufactured by leading USA based pharmaceutical company ACI Pharm Inc. Products are manufactured by natural and organic sources. Proven results of Glory of New York are based on ADME and drug delivery technology of pharmaceutical science. Each product gives therapeutic result that is curative and everlasting to your beauty. Your beauty is our concern, and Glory of New York, is your solution. 

Glory of New York will always go the extra mile to meet your market needs. Our goal is to provide superior private label manufacturing services, leaving you free to focus on your area of expertise. 
Let's go back to the lipsticks, shall we? Continue reading to know more about my thoughts on Glory of New York/Iris lipsticks.
I got the 495, 62 and 26 -- 3 out of the tons of shades available.

From left to right: 495, 26, and 62.
I LIKE that it ...
  • is housed in a plain black square case. There is something about matte black lipstick packaging that screams elegance. The black, shiny silver band adds a bit glamour on to it too.
  • gives an opaque color in just one swipe.
  • doesn't dry out my lips.
  • stays on for long hours.
  • leaves a stain even after eating and drinking.
  • doesn't have a pungent smell.
  • is very creamy to apply.
  • is enriched with vitamins that will helps soften, moisturize and keep the suppleness of my lips. (I read that from Glory of New York's website.)
  • is locally available through Queen B's Facebook page.
  • is currently on sale at Php290.00

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • has no shade/color name. It is just identified through numbers.
  • is quite expensive when bought on it regular price of Php954.00.

Will I repurchase?


The swatches below were done with just one swipe each.
Left to right: 495, 26 and 62.

495 is a perfect coral shade (for me, at least) that looks good for everyday. This shade is already a staple in my everyday makeup kit since I like how it gives me the color that equals to freshness.


26 is that red shade that would sure compliments all skin tones. I love how I look fab in just one swipe of this color.


You're right if you guessed that 62 is my favorite lipstick in this bunch. This bright pink with a slight purple undertone lipstick shouts my name! It looks perfect with a flawless canvass and a heavily winged eyeliner. 

Top to bottom: 62, 26, and 495.
Do I like the Glory of New York lipstick? Definitely! The color it gives and the staying power it has win over the bad thoughts I have for it. Now, I can't decide on what shade to get next since it is on a huge clearance sale!

For more information, visit and like Queen B on Facebook
Glory of New York and Iris cosmetics are on a huge clearance sale!

And by that, I think I am again on the roll of getting more lipsticks! 
Stay tuned for more lipstick-related posts! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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