Haul: Kiko Cosmetics

I love discovering new makeup and skincare products, especially those that are not yet available locally. Actually, I am no longer new to Kiko Comsetics. I have tried, used and reviewed the Kiko Medium Foundation and Kiko Definition Eyeliner and so far, I like both which left me lemming for more makeup from the brand. I still have a few items to try from my last Kiko haul but I couldn't stop myself from asking my aunt to get me these two face makeup to try.

Kiko All Day Mat Foundation | Kiko Mat Base Corrector

I don't know what got into me to request for products that are actually meant for oily skin. Let us put the blame on to my oily nose. 

I am so excited to give these products a spin. Of course, my thoughts on these products will be shared with all of you!

Stay tuned, I have another it-is-not-yet-available-locally haul coming up! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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