Review: Glory of New York Mineral Blush in 83

I used to not give blushes that much importance. Actually, I could go on with my makeup even without a hint of it. But due to slight changes happening to my body, specifically my skin becoming paler than it usually is, I need to rely on those instant flush to somehow bring back the colors on to my face. 

I usually play favorites when it comes to blushes. I don't have that much and I only have those that look good on me and on any makeup look I do. For the past weeks, my favorite blush is the Glory of New York Mineral Blush in 83

Looking at it, one could say that it has nothing special. It is just the usual pink-toned blush with loads of shimmer in it. What makes it special (for me, at least) is the way it looks on me. It compliments my skin in the most perfect way possible.

I LIKE that it ...
  • is gives me a natural-looking flush.
  • has shimmers that makes my skin look glowing.
  • is not powdery.
  • applies smoothly.
  • lasts long, about 4 hours with retouching.
  • is housed in a sleek black packaging. It fits well in any makeup kit too.
  • has 4g of product.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • is a bit expensive for a blush
  • doesn't come with a mirror.

Will I repurchase?

This is how it looks on me under natural lighting. I love the natural-looking flush it gives! The shimmers are hardly noticeable too. Just say hello to my glowing cheekbones! :)

The love I have for the Glory of New York Mineral Blush in 83 is beyond words. It has been my go-to blush for the past weeks and I don't think the affair I have with it will end soon. It hasn't left my makeup kit ever since the first use. It is a bit pricey (I'll get back to you with the exact price but I think it priced above Php1,000) and I am not yet that convinced to invest on a blush. I have a strong belief that there is a great dupe out there that is way cheaper.

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Are you going to spend for a blush? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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