Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich Holiday Edition Lipsticks

Happiest Monday, everyone! This is the first work Monday of the year! As I type this post, I am alone in our house as all of them left for work or errands. In my case, my work will start on Wednesday which means I still have two days to enjoy the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, Avon released a holiday edition of the popular and well-loved Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks a few months before 2013 wrapped up -- the Avon Ultra Color Rich Holiday Edition Lipsticks.

I love the Ultra Color Rich and Ultra Moisture Rich (Does Avon still have this) Avon lipsticks and I must admit that I already knew I would love the Ultra Color Rich Holiday Edition ones just the same even before I tried and use it. 

So did the Avon Ultra Color Rich Holiday Edition Lipsticks perform as good as the regular ones? Click read more to know my thoughts on it!

The gorgeous color is housed in a slim, back tube with gold details that scream elegance with a kick of holidays. Each lipstick has an overwhelming dose of sparkles and glimmers that don't transfer as much but make the lips shine and glisten.

Sparkling Pink | Sparkling Mauve | Sparkling Peach | Sparkling Warm Rose | Sparkling Rich Ruby | Sparkling Blush

The swatches above were done with just one swipe. If you're an Avon lipstick user, especially the regular Ultra Color Rich lipsticks, you can say the Holiday Edition lipsticks are not as pigmented. They are sheer but buildable. They are very smooth to apply but utmost care should be given since the lipsticks are very soft that they tend to melt easily.

Let us look at each of the shade, shall we?

Sparkling Pink

Sparkling Pink is a soft pink color that will look good with a heavy eye makeup. For ladies who want to try on pink lipsticks but are still apprehensive on bold and opaque ones, this shade is perfect.

Sparkling Pink when worn

Sparkling Mauve

I honestly don't know how the color mauve really looks like but based on a dictionary mauve should be of a pale to moderate greyish violet color. Using that definition, Sparkling Mauve is not mauve at all, for me at least. It appears more of a coral-ish color. Don't trust me on color definitions, I know I suck at it. Haha!

Sparkling Mauve when worn

Sparkling Peach

Sparkling Peach looks like Sparkling Mauve, right? I can't describe it except that it is, well, peach. Sparkling Peach is almost nude but it won't wash you off. Pair it with smokey eyes and you'll be perfect!

Sparkling Peach when worn

Sparkling Warm Rose

Sparkling Warm Rose is a perfect everyday color. It gives off the right amount of color without being over the top. It is slightly darker than Sparkling Pink.

Sparkling Warm Rose when worn

Sparkling Rich Ruby

I was expecting Sparkling Rich Ruby to be redder than it is. It has a touch of red tones but it appears more orange on me than ruby. And your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it does look like Sparkling Peach.

Sparkling Rich Ruby when worn

Sparkling Blush

Sparkling Blush is my favorite in the bunch. It gives off an intense color in just one swipe. It looks a toned-down fuchsia on me which I like. :)

Sparkling Blush when worn

I LIKE that it ...
  • is affordable.
  • is housed in an elegant-looking tube.
  • is moisturizing.
  • glides on smoothly on the lips.
  • smells and tastes good. I don't like odd-smelling and odd-tasting lip products.
  • has buildable pigmentation.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • doesn't last long on the lips. It stays for about 2-3 hours and gets easily erased after eating or drinking.
  • is not as pigmented as the regular Ultra Color Rich lipsticks.
  • is very soft that it melts easily.

Will I repurchase?

The Avon Ultra Color Rich Holiday Edition Lipsticks do not perform as good as the regular Ultra Color Rich lipsticks but are not terrible. These may not have the superb pigmentation but it being buildable somehow compensates for it. In my case, since I am int bold and opaque lipsticks, I use the Avon Ultra Color Rich Holiday Edition Lipsticks on top of my regular lipsticks to amp up the look with some shines and glimmers. 

Avon products can be purchased from Avon dealers. For more infomation, visit Avon Philippines' website and Avon Philippines on Facebook.

*The Avon products were provided as part of me being one of the Avon Makeup Council members. All opinions and thoughts shared on this blog were not influenced in any way.

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