Review: Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer in 001

Happy new year! I wish for a blessed and prosperous 2014 for all of us! 

2013 was generally hard on me. Deaths, illnesses, hospitalizations, disappointments, and a whole lot of negative vibes summarize my past year's story. But alongside those heartbreaks were the things and people I am blessed with. It would be lengthy to go into details but I want you to know that I am thankful of this blog and you, of course. Yes, you, the one who reads and visits my blog. I know I am a lousy blogger and that this blog is not one of the best out there but still you give time to visit it and I am thanking you for that! I cannot drop any promises but I vow to make MakeUpLove better. Cheers to more reviews, events, makeup looks, random stuff and tons of beauty and lifestyle . Let us all rock this 2014! :)

To jumpstart the year, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer in 001. For someone who doesn't put on foundation on a daily basis, a primer is not that needed. But stress and sleepless nights take the toll on me that this unhealthy lifestyle contribute to my skin's dryness and uneven tone that I find the need for coverage. I notice that putting on foundation helps in making my skin look near perfect but most of the foundation that I have don't last long. Here is where a primer comes to the rescue.

When I was browsing for an inexpensive but good foundation primer, the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primers stood out in the list. As I have said, I am not so much into primers so I have floored my expectations on this product. It doesn't have fancy claims, actually. It just says that it helps in making the skin smooth, minimizing pores and prolonging foundation wear.

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Create a perfect canvas for foundation application. Use on its own or before applying foundation for a longer lasting effect. Smoothes and evens out your complexion. Prolongs the wear of your foundation. Minimizes pores. -- information from

I LIKE that it ...
  • is affordable. My dad got it for me in the US but I believe it doesn't cost over $10.
  • helps in making my skin look smooth and radiant.
  • evens out my skin tone.
  • makes foundation wear last longer than usual.
  • can be worn alone for that no makeup look but with a dose of skin perfection.
  • doesn't have an odd smell.
  • is easy to apply.
  • blends well into my skin.
  • is housed in a standard squeeze-type tube.
  • does not clog my pores.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • it is not widely available. On the brighter side, there are online stores that carry this product.
  • has no SPF.
  • does not control oil. Blotting and touch ups may be needed once in a while.

Will I repurchase?
YES, but I might give the PRO variant a try.

Unlike other primers that are almost transparent and silicone-y in texture, the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer in 001 is peach in color and is a bit thick in texture. I don't mind the color that much since it works pretty good on me but the single shade may not work for all skin tones.

With just skincare piled on my face, this is how it looks. Dry patches and redness are very visible around my nose. There are also discolorations happening here and there. I don't have large pores, but still, I have visible enough pores.

Bare face

A layer of Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer helps in making my skin look smooth and radiant. It gets rid of most of the dryness on my face and evens out my skin tone. I cannot say much on how it minimize the pores but I think it somehow does magic since my face looks and feels smooth for foundation.

This is how it looks under foundation. It does a decent job, right? It is not spectacular, I know, but it works pretty good considering its price.

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer + Revlon Photoready Foundation

The complete look

I tested how well it prolongs foundation wear one day when I was set to stay outdoors for more than 8 hours. I was surprised to see that my foundation stayed pretty well, without touching up and blotting, on most of my face except on my nose, which is the only oily part of my face. But generally, it does help in making foundation last longer!

Photo taken at around 1 A.M. Sorry for the resolution.

Overall, the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer in 001 is good. It is not the best out there but it is good. I like how it keeps its promises on making the skin look smooth and on prolonging foundation wear. I cannot say much on how it helps in minimizing pores though. If ever I won't find something that does better than this in the same price range, I will repurchase.

There goes my first product review of 2014! I hope to keep the ball rolling all throughout the year! Cheers to a fruitful, blessed and prosperous year to all of us! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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