Colour Collection by Bianca Valerio Sexy Silk Blush & Contour Duo in Sweetheart | Review

First weekend from my new work! Can you hear and feel my excitement? I cannot be more excited with the things happening to me. I have embraced a paradigm shift which, I believe, will bring me to new and better places. I would love to put it all down here but let's reserve that for another set of posts. For now, let's talk about the Colour Collection by Bianca Valerio Sexy Silk Blush & Contour Duo (What a mouthful!) I am recently obsessing about.

My everyday travel from Marikina to Quezon City, where I now work, and vice versa exhausts me. The traffic and travel time are bearable but bringing a heavy bag with lots of stuff in it is a different story. Every single day I tote my laptop, laptop charger, planner, some books, wallet, umbrella and makeup kit and I tell you, it's heavy! Most of the things inside my bag are untouchable, meaning I cannot bring them out of my bag to make my bag a bit lighter, except for my makeup kit! Though I hate it, I have to bring less products to make it less bulky and heavy. So what do I do? I just bring the essentials!

I'll soon be sharing with you the products inside my makeup kit for work but for now, let us talk about the product that let me leave my contouring powder at home without a heavy heart.

Two blendable blush-on shades to give your skin a natural, healthy glow.

No need to bring two separate products because this has a blush and a contouring powder in one packaging. The blush is warm pink with hints of shimmers while the contour is a warm bronze-y powder perfect for light contouring.

I LIKE that it .... 
  • has a blush and a contour powder in one packaging. The white packaging is so unique too!
  • looks natural on me.The blush gives me a natural-looking flush while the contour, though a bit orange-y, works good as a contour.
  • has a huge mirror.
  • is not powdery.
  • feels like silk on the skin.
  • lasts for about 4-5 hours.
  • (both) can be used as eyeshadows.
  • very affordable for only Php199.00!

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • only available through direct sellers.
  • doesn't come with a brush.

For that cheek-heavy look, I usually layer the blush and contour. Proper blending is a must to avoid harsh lines.

For everyday, I like my face to look awake and fresh so I just sweep a good amount of blush on the apples of my cheeks and a light contour for dimension.

And for the times I just want to look young(er), I layer the pink blush for that rosy look!

The pigmentation, the silky feel and the affordable price make the  Colour Collection by Bianca Valerio Sexy Silk Blush & Contour Duo worth getting. You don't have to tote a lot of products because an awesome blush and contour duo is already rolled in one packaging. :)

For more information, visit Tupperware Brands Philippines on Facebook and @colourcollection on Instagram or have a chat with a Tupperware dealer. You can also visit Sample Room to get a chance to try Colour Collection products for FREE!

♥ Jes ♥

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