Girl Talk: Whisper Got My Back!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It is a first in the history of MakeUpLove that I will be sharing with you too much information about me particularly. I had my first period when I was 9 years old. Yeah, I was too young and it was too early for me to have it! Since I didn't know anything about menstruation and the what nots of it, I just had to follow what my mom did and use the brand of pads she then used. It was an okay type of pads. On normal flow days, it would keep me clean and dry for about 3 hours in the day but I had to change pads immediately after or else I will be a blood pool. On days of heavy flow, I used maternity napkins or.... baby diapers. Yes, it was bad. Could you imagine how long I stood up on that kind of relationship?

Maybe due to age and hormones, my flow became heavier. It would cause me stains that I knew I had to look for pads that would do better. Thanks to Sample Room I was recently introduced to the newest of Whisper -- the Whisper Cottony Long and Whisper Cottony XLong.

In all honesty, I was hesitant to use Whisper. I had bad rashes when I used it once when I was younger so I didn't bother to use anything from the brand since then. But I was too caught with its claim that it is longer than the usual pads, I gave it a try. I never went back to my old' brand since then.

When Whisper said that their new pads are longer that the regular pads in the market, they were not joking. Whisper Cottony Long is 2 inches longer and wider than regular pads which makes it perfect for everyday. For nights, Whisper Cottony XLong is the best pad to use because it is 3.5 inches longer than usual pads. Stains? No way! And the cottony feel of Whisper pads prevent rashes by keeping us dry and feel light!
So after xxxx long years, I am lucky to say that I already met my backfriend. No need to mind heavy flow because Whisper got me covered!
Whisper Cottony Long and Whisper Cottony XLong are available in leading department stores and drugstores nationwide. 

♥ Jes ♥

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