Review: Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil

Staying in an airconditioned workroom from 7AM to 4PM and going out in a scorching hot temperature on my way home take the toll on my already dry lips. My usual lip balms, that used to give my long hours of relief, are no longer working. My lips are extremely dry that I can literally peel it off. Believe me, it is not fun.

I had to look for remedy so I went ahead and tried my lips' luck with Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil. It was highly recommended by my good friend, Gem of Rare Vanity, so I didn't think twice of giving it a try.

See visibly fuller, younger looking lips! Deeply penetrating, mega-moisturizing lip treatment helps plump lips with collagen-boosting ingredients. 
Formulated with Argan oil, the 'miracle oil' from Morocco that holds the secret to beautiful, youthful skin.

 Do you know that most lip balms contain salicylic acid causing the lips to dry even more? Here's the thing, the more your lips feel dry, the more frequent you'll apply lip balm. This keeps us from using the lip balm and coming back for more. Brilliant idea from lip balm makers, isn't it? Well, Colour Collection Lip Therapy is one of the very few lip treatments that have no salicylic acid or any lip-irritating ingredients that can cause further dryness. The Argan oil this lip therapy has helps in conditioning and healing dry, chapped lips, prevents premature aging, maintains skin's elasticity and protects the lips from free radicals and UV rays.

So is it a good lip balm/treatment? As early as now I will tell you, yes the Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil is a GREAT lip treatment. Here's a rundown of my thoughts on it:

I LIKE that it ...
  • hydrates my lips.
  • makes my lips feel and look moisturized.
  • doesn't feel greasy.
  • gives my lips long hours of relief.
  • glides on smoothly on the lips.
  • is housed in a nice packaging.
  • does not contain salicylic acid.
  • has Argan oil.
  • is very affordable. I'll get back to you with the exact price but I am pretty sure it will not cost more than Php350.00. :)

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • is only available through Tupperware direct sellers. 

Will I repurchase?

Look at how the Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil works on me. I am amazed on how it makes my lips look and feel moisturized. The relief it gives me lasts for long hours!

WITHOUT Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil

WITH Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil

Exaggerate and mushy as it may sound, but I consider the Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil to be a heaven's sent. It has given the kind of relief other lip balms didn't give. To say I love it will be an understatement. I have yet to coin a term that would exactly describe the feeling I have for it. :)

♥ Jes ♥

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