BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happiest Tuesday, everyone! Forgive me for the lack of posts. Classes have already started and as expected, I am always drowning with school work. Life of a teacher! I hope to soon find the rhythm of my new work so I can catch up with my backlogs (which continue to pile up) and post regularly. Nevertheless, I hope you find my once-in-a-long-while posts interesting and helpful.

Today, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts and love on a product that turned my world upside down. I have been long suffering with back and chest acne. I may be a bit lucky to not have pimples growing on my face but that doesn't spare me from having zits. To get rid of those bad boys, I use products meant for the face on my chest and back. There is a handful that works but not as fast as I wanted and thought it should be. Well, those are made for the face so I have nothing to blame. I was about to give up on my quest of looking for products that will work on my back and chest acne when I got my hands on BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub, an acne-fighting product specifically meant for bacne (back acne).

I was ecstatic to see this a part of the Glamourbox I received some time in May that I already used it the day after. I was having a severe back and chest acne that time, the best time I could check the effectiveness of a bacne scrub. So did it make to my expectations? Read more!

I LIKE that it ...
  • is easy to use. No need for extra steps, just use a small amount on dry skin. A little amount goes a very long way too.
  • doesn't feel too harsh on the skin.
  • makes the skin feel smooth after use.
  • smells good!
  • comes with a spatula.
  • can be used on dry and wet skin.
  • effectively gets rid of pimples!
  • can also be used on the chest.
  • doesn't make the skin feel dry and tight.
  • is very affordable for only Php290.00.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • is not widely available. It can only be purchased on

Will I repurchase?

The pimples on my chest and back are all dry in just 2 days! The marks are still there and there are still zits growing in some places but the fact that it does dry pimples quick is the bomb! I can't wait to have a flawless chest and back! I know it is possible with BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil! :)

For more information, visit  Glamourbox!

Cheers to an OOTD of me wearing a sexy back kind of top! Hehe! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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