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Monday, June 23, 2014

If there is one drink I am more than willing to drink everyday except water and tea, it would be Yakult! I grew up with Yakult. I can still vividly remember my early school days when my mom would put one bottle in my snack box for me to drink after recess. My addiction to Yakult didn't stop there, mind you. During my high school and college days, I would buy myself a pack if there was a chance. But when I started to become conscious with calories and all those hey-I-would-gain-weight-because-of-that stuff, I had to stop myself from drinking Yakult every day.

Angels might have heard the cries of many because they have pushed Yakult to brink in Yakult Light, a low-calorie Yakult!

Same Great Taste, Same Friendly Bacteria, and LOW calories
Yakult Light gives you the same taste and contains the same unique 8 billion live Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain as the Yakult original, only now with fewer calories, and 0% fat.

Yakult Light is specially made for those who are on a low carbohydrate diet to make them fit inside-out, as well as those who are conscious of their sugar level but want more supply of probiotics in their digestive system.

In line with the launch of Yakult Light, Yakult treated their media and blogger friends to a plant tour. Oh goodness, Yakult Plant Tour was like my dream field trip itinerary and that day made the kid in me jump in delight!

We toured around the plant to see how the Yakult becomes the Yakult we see in the market. I hope you got the point. :) But did you know that the packaging and sizes of Yakult differ depending on where it is sold? And that there is a Yakult skincare line? :)

Yakult Light Snow Cones!
Indeed, it was a very insightful tour! Not only because we got to know the process a Yakult undergoes but because we got to be introduced to the newest from the brand, the Yakult Light! Now, no need to worry about drinking Yakult everyday because Yakult Light only has 45 calories in it!

Now let us all wish that there would be a Yakult as big as the one in the picture above! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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