Photo-friendly Lipstick: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

There are times that I feel so physically exhausted will all the things I am doing. Just to be clear, I am not complaining. Actually, I am more than happy to be doing all the things I am doing -- teaching, talking and blogging about beauty, advising on financial matters, taking my M.A., living my advocacy -- I am on my A game!  I know I should be more than proud of it but juggling everything on my plate brings out the hell out of me. Case in point, I have deadlines (emphasis on plural form of deadline!) to meet for my MA and for my full-time and part-time work, events to attend, outings to go to and relationships to strengthen,  all scheduled next week. I don't know what to do first! I have mastered the art of putting first things first but believe me, I am on a different level right now. Can you already feel the beats of my panicking heart?

So before I go crazy and bury myself with all the tasks scheduled for me to do, let me spend some minutes on doing one of the things that calms me down (aside from playing with my dogs and reading books) -- talking about makeup!

High-Definition makeup has been the trend in the beauty industry lately. HD makeup products camouflages imperfections but still manages to make the skin look like skin. Most of the HD products I know are for the face (foundation, blush, setting powder, etc) so I was so intrigued when Revlon released their Ultra HD Lipstick.

Wax-free high definition gel technology delivers true color clarity without the heavy feel.

This line is available in 20 shades and I was more than lucky to get 4 gorgeous shades -- 875 Gladiolus, 810 Orchid, 870 Tulip and 899 Snapdragon.

 Let's go down to the bits of the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks, shall we?

Gladiolus | Orchid | Tulip | Snapdragon

I LIKE that it ...
  • gives a nice color in one swipe. There are shades that go completely opaque but there are some that need to be layered for a solid color.
  • has a transparent cap that shows the actual color inside the tube.
  • smells and tastes like cakes!
  • goes smoothly on the lips.
  • makes the lips look and feel moisturized.
  • is creamy.
  • feels light on the lips.
  • stays on for about 4 hours and leaves a nice looking stain when it starts to fade.
  • looks good, if not great and perfect, on photos!
  • is available in 20 beautiful shades.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • doesn't swivel completely down! I always end up damaging the lipstick whenever I am putting the cap back.
  • applies a but patchy and uneven, especially the light shades.
  • has a tendency to settle on lines and cracks of the lips.

Gladiolus | Orchid | Tulip | Snapdragon

The HD claim  got me wondering what these Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks have to offer. After swatching and using it for weeks, I realized that these were named HD because of how they look on photos! I know that I said that these lipsticks tend to look patchy and uneven on the lips but I was so surprised to see that they do not look such in photos! Light trick, maybe?

Gladiolus -- orangey-red shade

Orchid -- bright cool-toned pink

Tulip -- peachy-nude

Snapdragon -- light chocolate brown

I am girl of bold and loud shades but for some reasons, I love Snapdragon the most! It looks sophisticated in my opinion. I like wearing it with heavy eye makeup and it never fails to make the look glamorous and sexy.

The Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks may not be the best Revlon lipstick out there but it has this character that makes it standout, especially in photos. At Php 575 a pop, it reasonable for you to snag a piece or two that you can use whenever you are up for photoshoots.

I have to get back to work, sweets! Stay tuned for more posts!

♥ Jes ♥

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