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Friday, April 10, 2015

It was on my first year  in high school when I started having poor eyesight. I can no longer remember what were the symptoms that led me in getting eyeglasses to mimic perfect vision but I can still vividly remember how I would intentionally leave my specs at home. I would force myself to read texts and look at things just because I  hated wearing my not-so-cool eyeglasses. But when the time came that everything looked blurred, I had no choice but to put on my dorky-looking eyeglasses. I needed to see the world with a pair that I never liked.

I have had cooler sets of frames when I was in college but still, I didn't wear them as often as needed. I would keep up with blurry surroundings on gimmick nights because eyeglasses didn't have a space in a room full of people wearing stylish clothes and on fleek makeup. Yeah, I would rather see blah than look as if I was studying  in a bar.

But then again, the time came that my eyesight became worst that I could not even see myself clearly in the mirror unless I put my face an inch away from it. That was the time I got myself my first pair of graded contact lenses. For a few months, I wore clear contact lenses until I saw a friend wearing colored ones and boy, it looked good! I was so amazed that I went to a local eye doctor that afternoon. On that same afternoon, I went home with my very set of Freshlook Dailies in Pure Hazel. 

And that story was long! But to cut it short, my affair with contact lenses started with Freshlook and up to this very moment, it is still my go-to brand when it comes to contact lenses. Actually, I haven't worn any contact lens aside from the ones from Freshlook.  I am into it so much that I have 4 shades of Dailies and 2 shades of Illuminate.

Today, let me talk about Freshlook One-Day Color Contact Lenses also known as the Dailies.

 Dailies comes in a box of 10 or simply, 5 pairs. As the name implies, these are 1-day disposable contact lenses perfect for those who want to change eye color often, like me. Each lens is housed in a container filled with lens fluid to maintain freshness and cleanliness.

Freshlook Color Contact Lenses has 3-in-1 technology that creates a natural effect when worn. The outer layer of color defines the eyes, the middle layer gives color while the innermost layer adds depth and richness.

Dailies comes in 13.8 diameter, just enough to cover the entire iris but definitely would not give a doll-eye look. The lenses are so thin that makes it very comfortable to use.

People often ask me why do I prefer Dailies over those that can be reused for months/years. Well, simple thing, I like changing my eye color often, thus, using Freshlook Dailies/1-day disposable lenses is the most practical thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I do have reusable lenses but only in clear ones which I just keep in my work desk and in my bag for emergency cases. :)

I am so in love with Freshlook Dailies that I have 4 shades -- Pure Hazel, Blue, Gray, and Green -- which I alternately use depending on my mood and the look I am going for. I planning to get the other shades too! These are how the Freshlook Dailies look on me:



I am so glad I have stepped into the world of contact lenses. Not just because I can see clearly but also because I can look differently just by popping a pair in my eyes. :)

How do you think circle lenses look on me? I got to try one soon! :)

Do you wear contact lenses? What kind?

♥ Jes ♥

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