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Now that the we are already feeling the intense summer heat, wearing layers of makeup when we go out is a NO! It is hot and humid outside and the least thing we want to happen is our makeup sliding off our faces. This summer, less is more. The 'No Makeup' makeup look is the answer for us to look good without piling makeup.

Let me give you my share on how to do the 'No Makeup' makeup look.

Start off with a cleaned-toned-moisturized face. 
It doesn't mean that it's hot, we would skip our normal skincare routine to avid piling. Make sure to apply sunblock more than you normally would.

Lightly fill in the brows. 
For someone who is fond of drawing in her eyebrows, this part is a challenge. Here, I used the K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil 24H in the shade 103 Grayish Brown. Since my hair is black, this shade looks perfect. I skipped the defining and the shading part. I just fill in the sparse areas to make my brows look full. Yes, my brows still looks drawn but believe me, this is the most natural way I can do it.

Even out the skin. Conceal imperfections.
May it be powder, liquid or cream, foundation or BB cream, it doesn't matter. Again, we want to achieve the no makeup makeup look so avoid those heavy coverage face makeup. It's okay it some of the blemishes are still peeking through as that would make the look even more natural-looking. 

For this, I used a combination of the Etude House CC Cream and the Kiko Medium Foundation. The CC cream gives a bit of glow and the foundation evens out my skin. I decided to not use a concealer and let my scars (which now look like freckles) to show up.

Apply cream blush.
Cream blushes look more natural, for me, at least. So dab a small amount on the apples of the cheeks and slowly blend away with the heat of your fingers.

Apply a bit of powder.
We want to keep everything looking matte so a dash of powder on the T-zone and cheeks area is a must.
Lightly contour face. Highlight.
Only if necessary. My big face badly needs some contour so make it look natural, I kept the contour just on the sides my face. Also, avoid contours for it looks too much for this look. 

Neutralize the color of the eyes.
Actually, we can skip this step. But to add dimension, I used an eyeshadow that is a shade darker than my lids.

Line the eyes.
Skip the black, winged liner. We only need a bit of definition so lightly line the eyes with a brown liner. Smudge it for a natural effect. To open up the eyes, I used a flesh-colored eyeliner on the inner rim. You can skip this step if you wish to.
Apply mascara.
This is the saver of this look. Do not dare to skip this part, please. I don't know how, but the mascara amps up the look making it glamorous than expected. I used the Maybelline Great Lash in this look. See how a layer instantly opens up my eyes. Review of it will be up soon!

Stain the lips.
Yes, just stain. Toss out your bold lipsticks for now because this look calls for something that looks natural. You don't have a lip stain? Don't worry. Here's a trick: Apply a layer of your red lipstick and let it stay for a minute. After, wipe it off with a tissue. The pigments of the red lipstick will stain the lips!

Fix your hair and you're done!

We don't need a lot of makeup to look good. Or maybe we do for days we want to look good without piling layers of makeup, then the No Makeup makeup look is an instant fix.

Are you with me in rocking this kind of look this summer? Oh, I might tweak it a bit by going with my defined brows ah? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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