A mascara is a #mustcara! -- Debunking Mascara Myths

A few days ago, I overheard a conversation of my colleagues about makeup. Since I was busy checking activities (You know, teacher’s stuff.), I didn’t bother to join until I heard one of them said that the main reason why she doesn’t use a mascara is because it causes her lashes to fall out. In a blink of an eyelash, I jumped in their morning talk and tried to defend the side of mascara. Well, that ended with me debunking some mascara myths to them.

I find the need to share with you some mascara myths that got debunked in that conversation with the thought that it might be of valuable to you or people you know.

1.      Mascara causes lashes to fall out and eye irritation.

No, but I am only speaking in behalf of those I have tried. Mascaras have chemicals which can cause allergic reactions to some, only to some. Most of the mascaras I have tried cling to my lashes like glue but they don’t make my lashes brittle or sensitive. The new Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara is a great example. It holds onto the lashes for the entire but it doesn’t make my lashes fallout due to brittleness. It just stays there until you decide to take it off.

In my opinion, what makes the lashes fallout is the way the mascara is removed. The more mascara is made to be smudge-proof and/or waterproof, the harder it is to remove. The key is a good-working, gentle makeup remover. Go with an oil-based one for it dissolves the bonds of the mascara faster and in a breeze. Also, stop picking the mascara off. Again, mascaras hold on the lashes tight and picking it off will definitely take the lashes out of its roots. Lastly, avoid scratching the eye area. I know you know why!

On the eye irritation part, it will always be best to check the ingredients. If you are aware that you are allergic to an ingredient just drop the idea of using the mascara. So far, I haven’t heard nor read something about Maybelline causing irritations so you might want to check their mascaras out.

2.      My makeup look does not need a mascara.

If you are going for a simple, only lipstick and powder kind of makeup, then maybe you can skip the mascara. But on a beauty standpoint, mascaras make lashes appear longer, darker, and thicker. Aside from it also makes the eyes appear rounder and more beautiful. Full, dark and long lashes make any face look glamorous. Don’t you agree? If you have a few minutes to spare, go apply mascara on your lashes. It is practically the finishing touch of all eye makeup.

See how a mascara completed this no-makeup look?

3.      Mascaras can be kept for years.

No. Just no. Toss it away after 3-4 months and spare yourself from possible bacterial infections. Remember the fallouts and irritations? Those have higher chances to occur if a mascara is kept longer than it is supposed to.

4.      Good mascaras are expensive.

We must admit that some great products come with a price. But we don’t always have to burn our savings to get the best in the market, right? We only have to continue searching. Thinking that mascaras last for an average of 3-5 months, it isn’t practical to shell out thousands to get ourselves a nice one. I won’t get tired of saying that Maybelline has great mascaras comparable to high-end ones.

The first ever Maybelline mascara I purchased and loved was just Php299.00. Just recently, the brand launched the revamped Hypercurl Volum’ Express which only sells for Php199.00 in Watsons starting June 12 and by July 1, it will be sold at Php199.00 nationwude!   Yes, for just a fifth of a thousand you can get a mascara that makes your lashes look vavavoom and stays looking like that for long hours!

5.      There is no such thing as a perfect mascara.

Oh yes, I think so. Out of thousand mascaras in the market, we have to figure out what works for our lashes. I haven’t met a mascara that caters to all the wants of our lashes – length, volume, curl, staying power. We have to look for the one that suits our top priority. In my case, it’s volume. So I go with a mascara that makes my lashes appear dark and full. The Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express mascara makes my lashes look fuller than usual, basically the reason why I am in love with it.

Last thing, keep the wand especially those that works awesome. This simple trick would make a mascara with great formulation but comes with not-so-good wand works divine. And, you can use the wands as spoolies to groom the brows.

I hope these simple debunking of false beliefs made some changes in the way you view mascaras. A few swipes can make a huge difference, believe me.


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