Smudge Test: Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express

Length. Volume. Curls. The qualities we all wish our lashes have. Some are lucky to have the perfect set of lashes but for some, who only rely on mascaras to achieve them beautiful lashes, fret not. Mascaras that promise to give the best-looking lashes are widely available in the market!

It is easy to spot a mascara that lengthens and gives volume to, and hold curls of the lashes. But something that does not smudge, even in the presence of oil and sweat, is a rare fish in the ocean. The newly launched Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara claims to be one of the rare breeds. Maybelline is confident enough to let people subject the Hypercurl under a smudge test to prove the claim.

To test the smudgeproof-ness (Is there such word?) mascara with a cold cream, which is commonly used as a makeup remover, is hardcore. I, was so intrigued that I wanted see how the Hypercurl can stay smudgeproof myself.

The cast of the testing kit – a Brand X mascara, the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara and a cream. I bet you already have an idea on how the test will go.

I followed the steps given to the T. 

I applied Brand X mascara on one eye and the Maybelline Hypercurl on the other then I let it set for about 10 minutes.

So after 10 minutes, these were how my lashes looked like. Obviously, Brand X smudged just with the presence of natural face oil. It also weighed my lashes down. Boo. On the other hand, Maybelline Hypercurl stayed intact. No smudging and curls were still up.

The testing time came. I put the same amount of cream on both eyes and wiped it on the lashes with the same number of times. And this happened…

Brand X was removed completely! Look at the grayish residue of the cream. 

It was amazing how Maybelline Hypercurl stayed intact even under the presence of the cold cream. It’s obvious that the cream just clung on the lashes without breaking down the formulation. 

Obviously, we have a winner! Maybelline Hypercurl does not really smudge! Rest assured that this mascara will stay on the lashes, without the need to worry about panda eyes, for a looooooong time!

Though removing it can quite be a problem! 

Have I told you that this only cost Php199.00? YES! A wonderfully amazing product that doesn't hurt the wallet! 


♥ Jes ♥

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