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Ever since I got introduced to facial washes, I have veered away from bar soaps. I  have a number of negative memories with it and the most recent was a nightmare. It happened because I badly wanted to wash my face during a trip but all I could find was a bar soap. After just a day, I got Rudolph's nose which later on became a wound. It was then I realized that bar soaps and my face were never meant to work together. But, I did not say I will close my doors for it.

Though I was apprehensive, I agreed to do the Dove challenge in a whim. Dove is known for its moisturizing capabilities that I was convinced that it won't make my skin dry like how beauty bars work on my skin. Also, I know a handful of people who use and only trust Dove Beauty Bar on their faces so I guess, it was the perfect time for me to change my views on beauty bar soaps.

The challenge was pretty simple -- I just had to replace my usual facial wash with Dove Beauty Bar and continuously use it for 7 days. The number of times to use it within the day was not mentioned so I took the initiative to use it every time I wash my face. That is 3 times, at least, -- in the morning, during the day and at night,

To wash and be able to cleanse my face at the end of the day was the toughest challenge the Dove Beauty Bar had to face. My usual everyday face has defined brows, concealed imperfections and blushed cheeks which also means heavy workload. Actually, facial washes cannot thoroughly make it sparkling clean unless I use those harsh one that make my skin tight and dry afterwards.

With all honesty, I had to double-cleanse my face my with Dove Beauty Bar to make sure everything was gone. I don't and will never take this against Dove I did not accept the challenge for it, anyway. What was I after was the smoothening and moisturizing benefits it claims, and boy, it does deliver! In an instant, I must say.

Take the following photos as proofs. These were taken about a day after I started the challenge. Normally, my morning face looks healthy and smooth but by the time I wash it, it becomes a bit tight. I was fine with it, actually, because I am armored with great skincare products.

But Dove Beauty Bar changed the flow of the story. Just after a day, it proved to me that is possible to have cleansed, well-moisturized and smoother skin after washing.

There were times that I would skip moisturizer because I no longer find the need for it. Admit it, my face looks softer and smoother, right? But wait until you see the 7th day photo.

So you ask me how the Dove Beauty Bar fares after 7 days? Can I just say I was totally blown away on its effect on my skin? Exaggeration as it may seem but the Dove Beauty Bar made my skin softer, smoother and brighter.

I did not wear any foundation nor a concealer in the photo above but my face looked more than amazing! It looks and feels soft and smooth. I am more than pleased to say that I am in love with Dove Beauty Bar! How much? Well, after almost a month after the challenge was given to me, I am still using it and I think I will continuously use it because I love how it makes my skin touch-worthy.

Not convinced? I challenged you to take the #Dove7DayTest and see for yourself the difference it would give your skin after 7 days! Let it help you bring out your #RealBeauty. And oh, you're welcome!

Just a tip, if it does wonders on your face, use it also on your body! That is what I do. :)

♥ Jes ♥

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