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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fact: I can go on with my day with not-so-groomed hair. Seriously. I sometimes go out with my hair still dripping wet and just wait for it to dry in the car. I would normally just finger-comb my hair to, at least, tame it. Sad truth, indeed. People would often see me with made-up face but with little to no hair styling. No, my hair is not manageable. I just don't spend enough time to make it look nice.

Now that my hair is starting to be extremely unmanageable and rude, I have no choice but to exert effort in at least trying to make my mane look decent. Putting it up in a bun or in a high ponytail will not always be the best option so I have to seek help from hair tools.

Good hair days start with the right hair tools, really. When the W Elite Box arrived on my doorstep, I knew the gods of hair wanted me to be equipped with the right tools. Now, the journey to better looking hair is on!

The W Elite Box contains the Gold Series® Limited Edition Hair Styling Kit which has everything a girl needs to achieve an amazing hair style.

1800W Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer

The 1800W Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer looks like a regular hair blower but believe me, it is a standout. Its strong air boost saves up to 75% faster drying time!

It has 3 heat and 2 air speed settings that allows control on the airflow of the dryer. There is also a Cool Shot function that helps lock the hair style in place.

The kits comes with a 2 attachable concentrator nozzles which helps give definition to the hair style.

I must admit, I am not much of a fan of hair blowers. I find most of it too harsh for my thin and sensitive hair. But the 1800W Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer allows me to control the heat settings, giving way to beautifully dried without the damage brought by intense heat.

Oh, it only takes me about 3 minutes to completely dry my hair!

Curl n' Straight Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styler

Planning to get a hair curler and a hair straightener? Forget it! The Curl n' Straight Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styler is a 2-in-1 hair styling tool that can straight and curl the hair with so much ease!

Its 32mm tourmaline ceramic split barrel emits negative ions and neutralizes positively charged electrons. Too scientific, eh? In simple terms, the tourmaline delivers heat and smooth glide to the hair with less friction unlike other ceramic straighteners. It also helps eliminate frizz and limits hair loss due to breakage while keeping that hair shiny and strong.

It has controllable temperature settings that can reach up to 230º and can be viewed on a digital desiplay. The plates also heat up as fast 60 seconds. 

Its swivel cord is a great addition too! No more cord tangling!

My ridiculously straight hair only requires 5 minutes to achieve a great style with the Curl n' Straight Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styler. I love how it makes my hair less frizzy and keeps my hair shiny despite the heat.

A little turn can give glamorous curls!

I know, I need a little more practice on the curling part. I will sure get back to you with my perfectly done Victoria Secret curls!

Hair PRO by Watsons Heat Active Serum

Though the hair tools are made with quality, we should not forget to protect our hair with a heat protectant. The Hair PRO by Watsons Heat Active Serum protects that strands without the sticky feeling! It has the most advanced technology from Japan that harnesses heat energy from blow drying and heat styling to activate NanoRepair-El, an ingredient that restores and protects the hair. 

Should you have these tools? Definitely! It may be a bit costly but equipping yourself with these saves you from spending thousands in salons. Aaaaand, we should always say YES to great hairstyles and those can easily be achieved with great hair tools!

W Elite is available at The SM Beauty Store and Watsons!

Share with me your hairstyles! I would love to try it! :) 

♥ Jes ♥

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