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How are you? Boy, you don't know how much I miss sitting in front of my laptop and type and talk (blab, actually) my heart out about beauty and anything that interests me. Lately, work and the sides of my life have been so toxic that I rarely have alone time. I am currently trying on something that could help me juggle everything I have on my plate and oh please, I hope it works. 

One of the things that keeps me sane on my crazy days is browsing restaurants to try and that is aside from watching videos of cute dogs and looking for new makeup and skincare to buy. Though my body would not serve as evidence, I am so hooked up on searching for must-try restaurants that I usually would ask the boyfriend to go with me, regardless of how far the place is, just to have a taste of what the restaurant can offer. But with the current commercial boom happening in Marikina, I need not to look far because there are great restaurants to try just within my circumference. I live in Marikina, by the way.

If my memory serves me right, Beeffalo by Hotrocks was one of the few that started to make Marikina a food trip venue. Perfectly situated in the quiet road Gil Fernando Avenue, this place is sure to satisfy your gastronomic cravings in a cozy ambiance.

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Does Hotrocks ring a bell? If you are thinking about the place in Club 650 in Libis that offers inexpensive but incredibly delicious steak, you are right! My heart was broken when I found out that the steakhouse we frequent after badminton games also grilled its final orders when the club was closed down. Seriously, I didn't know Beeffalo came from the makers of Hotrocks until I got to taste the steak. The juicy and savory flavor was familiar!

Family and friendship is the heart of Beeffalo of Hotrocks. Owned by friends, Louie Abad, Girlie Cosio-Abad and Caren Diaz,  bonded by more than 20 years, Beeffalo makes sure that everything that they offer has a touch of their hearts in it. Would you believe that main casts of their menu are from the own recipes of a food-enthusiast mom? Without any professional background and with just her heart for cooking, Ms. Girle Abad now shares sumptuous dining experience she only used to serve her family through Beeffalo.

We started our meal with Croquettes (12 pieces, Php 145.00), breadcrumbed fried rolls with bacon, cheese and Jalapeno. The tandem of bacon and cheese could never go wrong and the addition of Jalapeno in it brings the flavor in a whole new level.

If your just snackin', then Croquettes might be enough. But no, we were there for a lot more.

Isaw cravings? Beeffalo serves that same street-like taste of our favorite barbecued pork internals in a gourmet style. Barbecue Platter (Php 195.00) has 3 sticks of pork tenga, isaw and bulaklak that would sure brings a legit streetfood experience.

A visit to Beeffalo would not be complete without trying their steaks and grills, their house specialties. We tried the T-bone steak (250g, Php355.00) cooked medium-rare. Every cut and bite I had of this steak was filled with nothing but flavorful goodness. It was marinated and grilled to perfection. The tenderness of the meat was heaven

Trivia: The meat they use are massaged with just salt and pepper to let the true flavor of the meat come out. True enough, the meat-y taste of the steak is still noticeable in every bite. For those who want an extra kick, a house sauce is served on the side. The sauce is so delish that you would wish it it can be bought separately.

No, our dining experience experience didn't end there as the burger lovers in us wanted to taste the Angus Beef Burger (Php185.00). Just by the way it looks, it is a straight up burger with fries on the side. But don't be fooled by its outer being for it is way more than that!

This burger totally banks on the taste of its patty. It was perfectly patted with flavor! And the addition of bacon and greens made it even more tastier. You would need a knife and a fork to savor on this baby because it was generously filled with goodness!

And to push everything down, I got the unusual Cucumber-Lemonade. The twist of cucumber in the usual lemonade amped up the drink. Seriously, I was surprised to know that cucumber and lemon go well together. This is a must-try!

How many times did I use 'perfect' or 'perfection' in this post? My vocabulary is wide enough to look for synonyms but I cannot seem to find the best word to describe our dining experience. Indeed it was perfect. From the food down to the ambiance, perfect. The price point, perfect. The location, perfect. 

Will I dine again in Beeffalo? Oh yeah! I can visit and savor their food every week, if possible. I have raved so much about it that my friends already scheduled a visit. We want you experience the same perfection so Beeffalo and I are giving away a Php500 gift certificate each to 2 lucky readers! You can have a steak and croquettes na! Add some to get the cucumber-lemonade! :)

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From the word of my witty bf -- Beeffalo Panalo!

Beeffalo by Hotrocks
Lot 6, Block 3, Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City | 0920 388 0782
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM 

I am yet to share more food adventures, may it be in Marikina or somewhere else! Happy eating! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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