Pet Angel x Purple Groom

Just a couple of weeks ago, I asked my boyfriend what would he get in case we part ways. He answered, in a very serious manner, "You can have everything you want but I'll keep Xena and Skyler!" With the highest pitch possible I screamed, "NO!" No, I just couldn't imagine myself without my dogs. He even asked me, "Will you exchange your makeup for them?" "Oh yeah," without a bat of an eyelash! So not to bring the conversation any worst, we just laughed about it.

Xena and Skyler are our two most-loved pet dogs.They are the love and light of our lives. And aside from makeup and skincare products, they are my addiction. Seriously, I can spend hours just talking about their craziness, something normal with pet parents. I love them with all my heart and just like how mothers are to their children, I am proud of their littlest achievements.

When I got an invite to bring one of my furry loves for the Pet Angel x Purple Groom photoshoot, with all my heart, I cleared up my afternoon schedule (that included an absence in my MA class) just to ensure that I, and my baby, was present for this lovely opportunity. That was a first for my dogs and I couldn't miss it for the world. I brought Skyler just because her built is what my small body can accommodate and she badly needed grooming at that time.

Some of you may have heard about Purple Groom, one of the pet grooming centers we can trust in the metro. They have licensed groomers that do the job without stressing the pets. Indeed, intact with their mission, they "make every pooch happy and clean!"

Pet Angel, just like its sister, Tangle Angel, is an innovative, unique grooming and detangling brush. It has patented undulating bristles to firmly but gently brush coats of animals for pain-free, effective grooming.

During the shoot, as I got prettified by Inglot Cosmetics, Skyler had an amazing grooming cared of Purple Groom and Pet Angel. Are you doubting the effectiveness of Pet Angel? Let the smile of my dog be the proof of how relaxing it could be for her to combed by this innovative brush.

Skyler was a sweetheart on the entirety of the shoot. Opposite her playful and dominant attitude at home, she was well-behaved and cooperative in front of the camera. What a pro, right?! She was smiling in all of our photos, a clear evidence that she loved Pet Angel!

Photos were taken by Mark Alvarez.

The BTS shots were held hostage by my retired phone, thus, I can no longer share them. :(

In behalf of Skyler, thank you, Pet Angel, Purple Groom and Inglot Cosmetics. We had an amazing time that we now look forward to more mommy and baby photoshoots like this!

A bit more information:

Pet Angel is...
  • antibacterial
  • suitable for most types of pet, long or short-haired fur
  • perfect for grooming and detangling wet/dry & matted fur
  • gentle and pain-free

Seriously, I think, Pet Angel works like magic. I don't know how it could make the dogs and cats during the shoot so behaved and relaxed! Now, I am eyeing on that pink brush as Christmas gifts for my baby loves!

As of now, Pet Angel is available in selected Browhaus and Strip stores only together with Tangle Angel, My Amazing Blowdry Secret and other Cult Favorites products. For updates, you can go to or follow @TangleAngelPh and @PurpleGroom | #PetAngelPh #PetAngelxPurpleGroom.

♥ Jes ♥

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