Laura Mercier Graphic Liquid Eyeliner

This 2015, I can count with my two hands the number of times I wore an eyeliner. Not that I have fallen out love with it, I just had to skip the use of it due to time constraints in my daily prep time. But that doesn't mean I stopped from accumulating some in my stash! I still bought a few and got some as gifts from friends. And yes, 2016 will be a year of eyeliners for me! Hehehe. :)

If you are a long-time reader, you probably know that I already have found my HG eyeliner. It will always be my go-to eyeliner because: (1) it is easy to use, (2) it has great pigmentation, (3) it stays on for long time, and (4) it is affordable. But still, I cannot stop myself from trying new ones. It would be great to have best in different kinds, right?

I got the Laura Mercier Graphic Eyeliner as a gift from my good friend, Kira. Honestly, I was not excited to use it because of the felt tip brush. I am not a fan of felt tip brushes. We just don't work well together! But when I badly needed to use an eyeliner to cover up the bands of my false lashes and I don't have anything near me but the loot Kira gave, I gave it a try. After all, I only have to cover the bands with it so I had no way of messing with the felt tip brush.

I loved it on the first use. It gave an intense, shiny black color that stayed on pretty well. And the brush was not that hard to use after all.

Then  I decided to use it the next day. Just it alone, without eyeshadow and false lashes. Just the Laura Mercier Graphic Liquid Eyeliner and some coats of mascara. And that use was the basis of this review.

Just like my first use of it, the brush works okay. It is not the best but I can work with it with ease. It gives decent pigmentation that is quick to dry and stays on pretty well.

So given those positive thoughts I have with it, I still do not like it as much. Why? Because I need to layer it for 2-3 times to get an opaque color. Once it is opaque, it begins to look and feel rubbery. Also, it somehow appears uneven and settles on fine lines.

I LIKE that it ...
  • stays on pretty well without fading.
  • is easy to remove. Water with soft rubbing will do.
  • has an easy to use felt-tip brush.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • needs 2-3 layers to for a solid color.
  • gives a glossy finish.
  • settles on fines lines.
  • somehow bleeds.
  • appears uneven when layered.
  • looks and feels rubbery.
  • is very wet for my liking.
  • is pricier than my HG eyeliner.

It is an okay eyeliner but I don't think I will use it that often. I just don't feel the glossy finish and the rubbery feel. But hey, it works well in covering the bands of false lashes so I will reserve it for that use. :)

Laura Mercier is available in Rustan's Malls nationwide.

What is your favorite eyeliner? :)


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