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Merry Christmas!

How are you? I hope you are having a blast this holiday season. Time flies. In just a few days, we will be greeting 2015 goodbye and will be welcoming the new year. May our 2016 be more than awesome! Leave the pains and sorrows behind and bring along the glorious ones as we say hi to a brand new year! Do you already a list to bring along? I do, too! And one of which is my new hair style and color courtesy of Cedar Salon.

I seldom go to a salon for hair color or hair treatment. Given that I have extremely thin hair, I find that changing my hair color and applying hair treatment by myself works. But if course, I only have to work on one-tone kind of color and easy to apply treatments. For the longest time, I have settled with plain boring dark brown shade. I thought I would forever sport this hair color until I was introduced to Metallic Hair Color trends by Jake, Senior Stylist of Cedar Salon.
This is how my hair looked before the magic happened -- plain and boring.
Being a teacher limits me to go bold and wild on hair styles and colors though I badly want to sport one. Thus, the only instruction I gave was to make my hair look thicker than it actually is. I left everything to Jake, actually. I remember telling him to do whatever he wants even if it would later on require me to wear wigs at work. He laughed at my thought and assured me that he would give the drama and the extra kick my hair needs in a very subtle way. 
The magic started with my hair dyed with a shade lighter as the base. The color still plays around dark brown with a slight hint of red. Sorry, I wasn't able to ask the details of the color used.

Then Jake divided my hair into sections. A different color was applied in different sections that gave the dramatic but still very subtle ombré effect.

I know you know how coloring can damage the hair. I actually expected my hair too look dull and dry after the intense coloring process. But no. For some reasons, the condition of my hair even became much better. All thanks to Milbon Linkage Meu treatment! 

Milbon Linkage Meu is a 3-step deep conditioning treatment that gives standout smooth hair. It has amino oil that smoothen the hair, a veil that seals in the moisture and a collagen that locks everything in. Truth be told, my hair still feels smooth and soft even weeks after treatment!

And after the color and the treatment and some snips here and there, my hair was fully transformed. Jake gave my hair some volume by layering the back part.

For additional drama, he gave me side bangs that accentuate my jaws. There are some peekaboo colors on the bangs too!

I love my new do. It is very subtle but still with noticeable statement which makes the entire look even more dramatic. That is the beauty of Schwarzkopf’s Igora Royale Metallic Collection. It gives the hair a new dimension with shimmering reflective tones.

As post treatment and to protect the color, I use the Schwarzkopf Hair Therapy Color Freeze line. It helps in keeping the color and making the hair look shiny and healthy.

This is how my (2nd day) hair looks under daylight. The colors are still intact. The condition is maintained.

Will I come back? Definitely. Even if I have the brave the traffic from my place to San Juan. I have highly recommended Cedar Salon to my friends who would want to treat their hair to some pampering time I am just not sure if they have booked their schedules already. :)

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It is your turn, what will you bring along to 2016? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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