Balayage for Less at Carol Dan's Beauty Salon and Spa

Whenever I am asked to describe myself, adventurous will sure be one of the many adjectives I would use. Ask me to jump off a cliff and I will wholeheartedly jump off without hesitations. Tell me to travel alone and I would be ready for it with a detailed itinerary. Tell me wear neon lipstick and you will be shocked on how I will rock it. I don't mind much about the risk, after all, we only live once. As much as possible, I would be open for all adventurous, in all aspects, for my system screams for it.

At the peak of bold and different hair color, the adventurous person in me planned to get a blonde pixie, a red long bob or a light brown to gray balayage curls. I was ready for any of it but being a teacher didn't allow me to. Sad. So when I was given the opportunity by a friend to decide on the hair color she would get, I went all out.

Before and After
I didn't go all out as you can see but for my friend who only had her hair color dyed twice in her lifetime, the color was out of her zone. 
We went to Carol Dan's Beauty Salon and Spa in Quezon City, a salon owned by a friend's family. The interiors may look simple and ordinary and it may not be at the prime area of the metro but they offer quality services in  much cheaper prices. Case in point, a Balayage for only Php3000!
I had to give detailed instructions to Errol, the chief hairstylist, because I had specific shades in mind. Don't get me wrong, though, as he knows what his craft is. I just wanted a specific outcome, hence, I worked on the plan and he executed it.

This was how my victim friend's hair color used to look -- uneven and blotchy. She had her hair colored years ago and never did she had roots retouched.

Since she allowed to decide on everything about her hair color, these were the things I told Errol to do:
  1. Even out the base with a light brown color. This color complements the skin color of my friend.
  2. Bleach the lower half of the hair, in different lengths. Let the bleach stay until the color turns blonde.
  3. Again, color the hair with the light brown shade. In this step, I specifically told him to comb in the color to achieve the sweep.
Seriously, I was surprised on how the color turned out that I gave myself a tap for a job well done! It turned out so beautiful that you would not even think it was done for just roughly Php3000! And mind you, L'Oreal products were used in the process so definitely, it was an amazing deal!

The newest team: Jes + Errol
The entire process took about 4.5 hours to do and while waiting, I got myself a Hot Stone Massage. Yes, Carol Dan's also offers topnotch massage services.

The spa area was not that big as it can only accommodate only 4 clients at a time. There were no grand decors but everything was neat, sanitized and in order.

I went with Hot Stone massage because my body was crying for relaxation. I was more than satisfied! Every stroke was felt and went deep into my nerves. It was one of the bests I have tried! To top it all, it was just Php500 for 90 minutes!

You may be thinking, by now, that I wrote these because it was owned by a friend. Sorry, but no. I didn't even plan to blog about it, really, see the quality of photos for proof. I didn't have my camera then and I only took photos using my phone to serve as a memory that once in my life, someone trusted me to be her hair color designer. But I was so delighted by the turnout that I want to share with you that there's a gem in the middle of Kamias Road that gives quality services.

For people looking for a place to get a high-end looking hair color, check out Carol Dan's. Your money will go a long way! Oh, you may want to invite me too! :)

Carol Dan's Beauty Salon and Spa
94-G Kamias Road, East Kamias, Quezon City
364 9754

If you plan to visit the salon, tell them I sent you! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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