Hot Star Philippines' Large Fried Chicken: Satisfying and Filling Yet Very Affordable!

Whenever I am in for a busy workday (which is almost every single day, if I may add), I make sure I have a planned activity to sum up my day. It may just be a casual trip to a makeup store, a playtime with my dogs, or a chat with my loved one. It doesn't have to be grand, actually. As long as it will renew and refresh me for the next day, I am good with it.

Lately, my eyes are hooked with food. Come on, who does not get excited with food? Lately, I am on the lookout for new dishes to try and restaurant to visit that offer more than my money's worth. If the place is near my work area and the entrees are huge then I am sold.

Familiar, right? I am pretty sure you have heard about, and some of you may have tried it as well, Hot Star, the #1 chicken shop in Taiwan that offers larger than your face crispy chicken. The chain started in Shilin Market, Taiwan and is now taking over countries like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, and Australia to name a few. In 2014, Hot Star opened its first dine-in restaurant in the Philippines.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Consider the above photo as proof on how huge their chicken is. For comparison, I placed my 6-inch phone beside it. Why is it huge, you ask? No, they are not GMOs! Hot Star pounds their chicken until it gets thin enough to be cooked crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. The fillets are then marinated and cooked to perfection.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Hot Star became famous for its on-the-go concept of  signature large fried chicken. For only Php145.00 for an a la carte, you can get it in Original (salt and pepper), Crispy and BBQ. Not fond of the original flavors? Fret not because recently, Hot Star Philippines amp up these fried chicken goodness by having more flavors like Chili Pepper, Sweet & Sour and Red Hot.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Hot Star Philippines has localized the menu to suit the different preferences of Filipino consumers. For those who are not fans of fillets, they have Chicken Cuts that are also marinated in the same mixture of that of the original large fried chicken.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
A personal favorite, BBQ Chicken Skin. The marriage of the deliciously sinful taste of chicken skin and the flavorful breading and BBQ sauce make all the calories worthy of ingesting. Fact: I can down 2 orders of this in one go!

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Trying to limit meat intakes? Then the Crispy Large Fish is perfect. Same size, same marinate, same goodness but different meat used.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
For those who are just in for a quick snack, grab the Fish Burger meal. The flavorful taste of the Crispy Large Fish is just cut in a patty size to be sandwiched by breads and condiments. This is my favorite too!

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
The Sticky Rice is surprisingly good! The rich flavor of the sauce used perfectly compliments the texture of the rice. This, alone, is very filling!

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Some orders come with a gravy but believe me, though the gravy tastes good, you will barely need it for the chicken is already delicious on its own!

Are you up for a satisfying and filling meal but is bound by a budget? Then, a visit to Hot Star Philippines is a must. For the range of Php45.00 (one order of a side dish) to Php219.00 (a 3-pc Spag meal), you will end up with a full and satisfied stomach and a take home for your next meal! Hot Star won't call their fried chicken as Large Fried Chicken for nothing!

Hot Star is located in Katipunan, Banawe, Robinson's Galleria, Blue Bay Walk Mall, SM Manila, 500 Shaw, Eastwood, Cubao, SM Megamall, and Fishermall.

Tip: Order one Original large fried chicken and mix it in whatever sauce that you like! I like to cut it in smaller pieces and top it on my pastas and salads. Perfection! I love it with chili cheese sauce too! :)

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