Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer Review + Swatches

BB creams were a hit a few years ago that almost all brands came out with their own version. I have tried a number, from different brands and of different types, and though there were some that I truly loved, the shade incompatibility of my skin and most BB creams has always been the problem. When my skin somehow regained its condition and going out with just layers of skincare again became possible, I forgot about my BB creams. But lately, I have been hooked once again. And now with something that matches my skin tone, inexpensive and from a local brand, Fashion 21.
The recent innovations in the beauty scene have been working on the advantage of makeup brands. They have been releasing revolutionary products and improving the formulation of their existing ones. Even the local brands are into upping their game while making sure that their products are still in the affordable price points. Just recently, Fashion 21 has released Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer that claims to provide excellent coverage amidst the presence of sweat and humidity. It is sold for only Php225.00 with 20g of BB cream and 5.5g of concealer.

As its name implies, the Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer is a 2-in-1 product that has a BB cream in the squeeze-type tube and a concealer on the lid.
The tube has a small opening that limits the amount of product being dispensed.The product is quite thick so you really have to squeeze the tube to dispense it.

The concealer is placed on the lid part with a transparent screw-type cap covering it. I am not a fan of this part, seriously. I always end up damaging the concealer every time I put the cap back on.

There are 3 shades available -- light, mid, and dark. Though these shades would match a usual Filipina skin tone, some may still find the colors a bit off but workable. 
If you would get all 3 shades, be careful with the shade names because they are just placed on by a sticker. Once removed, it'll be hard to identify the shades.

The BB cream and its corresponding concealer does have the exact same color. The concealer of shade 1 appears to be a tad lighter than its BB cream while those of shades 2 and 3 appear darker than their corresponding BB creams.

If I were just to choose one, I'll take shade 2 as its BB cream suits my skin pretty well. I'll use the concealer for spot concealing but I'll use a different one, in a much lighter shade, under my eyes and on the points I want to highlight. As you can see on the photo below, shade 2 works well in evening out my skin, especially the redness on the sides of my nose.

Since I was lucky to be sent all three shades, I use everything to achieve a perfect canvass. I even out my skin tone with BB Cream in Shade 2, conceal my undereyes and highlight my nose bridge, forehead and chin with the concealer in Shade 1, and contour with the concealer in Shade 3. You can also do the same with just the BB creams.
The Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer is armed with SPF30+ sun protection. It is easy to apply and blend and is very lightweight. True to its claim, it stays intact through sweat and oil. It sets into a dewy-matte finish which I totally dig. For those with oily skin, you might need to blot once in a while.

Currently, it is my go-to face makeup. I use the shade 2 all over my face and conceal with with concealer in shade 1. Once blended properly, this combination gives me a fresh and glowing base.

Seriously, I am surprised on how this product works well given that it is very inexpensive. Indeed a gem in the drugstore! Will I repurchase? Definitely! The way it performs is at par with those expensive ones!

 Just for reference, this is how the BB cream in Shade 1 looks on me. Ang puti! :)

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Have you tried Fashion 21 Cosmetics? What can you recommend for me try? 

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