Sanitizing Makeup and Cosmetic Tools with Laverne

Do you know that bacteria and germs can actually grow on your makeup and cosmetic tools? They sneak their way in whenever we use our hands in applying makeup, double dipping our brushes in the product, sharing makeup with others, and keeping used and dirty brushes and tools. Let us admit it, germs and bacteria are everywhere that controlling them can seem impossible. But we have to battle them and keep our makeup and tools free from the presence of bacteria and germs though sanitation.

Each of us have different ways of sanitizing our makeup and tools. Before, whenever I give away or store some of my makeup, I give it a good spray of alcohol. This wasn't the best way since there is a possibility that alcohol can ruin the consistency and formulation of the makeup, but that was the only product I know that could get rid of bacteria and germs almost in instant. As for my brushes and tools, I wash them every week. Yes, I reuse my dirty brushes and I know that that isn't a hygienic practice but what can I do? They take time to dry!

The introduction of Laverne brought my sanitation game in a different level. Laverne was specifically designed as a sanitizer for makeup and cosmetic tool. It underwent a series of tests to be able to come up with a product in high standards.

Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Santizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria without drying the makeup unlike regular alcohol. It dries in seconds making sure that your makeup and tools are clean and ready for next use.

Aside from sanitizing makeup and makeup tools, Laverne can also be used to restore cracked powder makeup like eyeshadows and blushes and spot clean makeup brushes.
I have no doubt with the sanitizing claim since the ingredients listed (ethyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, caprylic triglycerides, C12-C15 alkyl benzoate)  are really used for that purpose. I was apprehensive on the spot-cleaning claim so I subjected it to a test.

Above are my most used brushes. Before this simple test, I, more or less, have used these brushes for more than 10 times, especially the slanted eyeliner brush and the blending brush. For the test, I sprayed Laverne on the brush for about 2-3 times and swirled on a dry paper towel. And in just a few swirls, my brush became squeaky clean!

It did pass the spot-cleaning test with distinction! I also tried using it on a brush that I use with cream and gel brow products to see if it would do the same. To my surprise, it did work as well! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Laverne is available in 60ml and 150ml at Php399.00 and Php599.00, respectively. The price may be a bit game-changer but I won't mind spending for it! Come one, only a few spray is needed and with that, a bottle will sure last long. Remember, don't take chances on hygiene!

And it is a huge plus that it comes in a reusable spray bottle! I know, I am a sucker for anything reusable! :)
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