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With just a few weeks left in my preparation and singlehood, I hope I don't irritate you with continuous posts and updates on my upcoming wedding. Though I am trying to squeeze in reviews and features, I cannot help but be occupied with the wedding preps. Please bear with me ah. :)

Currently, I am going on my 5th week as a Finessa Bride. I am behind my posts, I know, but for this week, I'll have the update posts on Week 2 (this one) and Week 3 (on Thursday). Also, I am already editing the Week 4. Yup, you read that right! I am editing the vlog. Stay tuned for it!

Finessa Bride package is composed of 2 sets of treatments that will happen alternately for 4-5 cycles. The week 2 of my treatments composed of Glutathione Infusion, Diamond Silk Skin on the face, and Absculpt on the abdomen area. This set of treatments is a follow-up for the week one where the cleaning and extraction (face) and reduction of fat cell (abdomen) were done. 

The session started with the Glutathione Infusion. This infusion is mixed with vitamins to boost the immune system. This kind of treatment is great for those who want extra kick of antioxidants while getting the benefits of skincare.
Abscuplt gives better muscle tone on an area. Probes are attached on the muscle surfaces. The electrical impulses from the probes stimulate and tone the muscles on the target area. I had it done on my tummy area to tone the muscles and for better and flatter looking abs. No, I am not after those packs at this moment, I just want the area to look flatter.

A gel was applied to the probes prior to placing on the targeted areas. The probes will be kept in place using circumferential bands. Once ready, the machine will be switched on and intensity is increased as tolerated by the patient. It feels something, similar to poking, but not painful. It is ticklish as times. It would start uncomfortable but since the entire procedure lasts for about 20 minutes, the body will sure adjust with the feeling.

It was no longer expected but I still lost about 1 centimeter on my abdominal area. The area immediately looked tighter and toner too. Seeing these kind of results make Absculpt quite addicting.

After Absculpt, Diamond Silk Skin was done on my face. This kind wasn't new to me since I resulted to this to get rid of scars caused by skincare allergies about a year ago.
The diamond tip attached to the machine exfoliates the dead skin cells. This procedure gives a lighter and fresher look to the area. Indeed effective because this was how my skin looks a day after the procedure.

Just brows and my usual skincare. Those are natural flushes too! :) 

Stay tuned for the updates on the next weeks of my treatments! For now, visit Finessa Aesthetica on Facebook to catch up on the promos and discounts!


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