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Yes, back to back Finessa Bride posts! We are left with 5 weeks to prepare for the big day and we cannot help but to scramble everything in our tight schedule. A few weeks from now, my dad, who has been in the US for more than 14 years, will be here so just imagine how tighter everything will turn out to be. Though as of the moment I am still on my feet and very much relaxed, I am already expecting stress to get into my system anytime soon and to last until the eve of my wedding. And since I have prepared for this possibility, I am so glad to have signed up for Finessa Bride treatments to take care of my skin and prepare my being to be a beautiful and stunning bride on one of the big days in my existence.
The third week of the package was for further clearing of the skin on my face and decreasing of fats on my abdominal area. We started the treatments with Glutathione Infusion. And just how the routine goes, the area was cleansed and insertion of the needle followed. 

It was a breeze to locate my veins but way too difficult to keep in place. My veins rupture easily which makes it hard for the nurses to insert the needle. Don't worry, it is my body and not  how the nurses do it. Once the needle gets inside, the process takes just about 3-5 minutes to finish.

Just after 3 sessions, my skin obviously looks lighter and smoother. And I am on the pink of my health! I don't know if this is a part of the treatment but I am also regular on my number 2. So yey for the benefits of gluta!

After the Gluta Infusion, my face was cleansed to prep it for Light Cure.
Light Cure/Photodynamic Light Therapy is a treatment that utilizes a light to activate the photosensitizing molecules in the area which kills bacteria and shrinks pores and oil glands. There are cases where a solution is applied and allowed to incubate on the skin but in my case.
A red or blue light, depending on the need of the patient, is shone on the area. The red light indirectly induces increase in collagen production and often use for skin rejuvenation while the blue light is used to kill bacteria in the skin and works fast in clearing skin lesions and pores. My skin needed clearing so a blue light was used. 

A protective goggle was placed on my eyes prior to the procedure. The PDT treatment lasted for about 15 minutes. Immediately after the treatment, my skin looked tighter and clearer. It is advisable to use a good amount of sunblock after the treatment...No, actually, everyday!

Week 3 was also my 2nd treatment of Celluslim and Reform. How does it work? Check out the Week 1 of treatment HERE.

I lost about 0.5 centimeters per area, smaller compared to the first week. Still, a lost is a lost. Woohoo!
Stay tuned for the vlog of my Week 4 treatment. I am still shy to put it up, eh! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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