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Wedding day beauty should not only begin on the day of the wedding. Weeks, or months, before the big day, I started changing a bit in my usual to ensure my bridal best. I am slowly cutting out the junk in my diet though I just cannot complete say no to milk teas and some chips here and there. I am adding up more fiber-rich food and more water for youthful-looking skin. I am also on meal replacement to shed of a bit of unwanted fats. Slowly, I am introducing exercise back in my system to tone muscles and tighten my skin. Though I am seeing improvements, these steps are not enough with just about 6 weeks before my wedding. I just cannot rely everything to that wedding day beauty glow, thus, I signed up for Finessa Bride.

My journey as a Finessa Bride started two weeks back, just when I have decided to speed up the beautifying changes I want to see for my big day. It is 9-week continuous program that specifically aims to make brides become the most stunning and most beautiful on her big day. 

I am lucky to be the first Finessa bride of Finessa Aesthetica and get treatments and services well-designed for me and my targeted areas. For me to look stunning and blushing on the big day, Dr. Tiongson develop a program that will give me clear and smooth skin and toned abs in 9 weeks. Though I am relatively thin, I still have tummy fats to tame down. Basically, the Finessa Bride package includes IV Glutathione and different facial treatments to achieve radiant and glowing skin and Reform, Absculpt and Celluslim to help me be in a perfect shape for the big day.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that acts against free radicals, detoxifies the body and boost the immune system. Though it is naturally present in our body, it starts to drop levels as we age. I, who just got on the 30s level and who has extremely weak immune system, am really after the benefits of glutathione to my body so I have decided to get the intravenous compared to the oral ones. After all, it has a faster onset of action.

Getting the client's blood pressure is an SOP in Finessa Aesthetica. Once the blood pressure of the client is determined to be fit for the procedure, the insertion of the IV needle will begin.
Th entire procedure takes only about 5 minutes. If you don't mind needle insertions then this procedure is a breeze. My veins are too soft so I develop internal bruises every after IV procedures. Don't worry, that is normal for my body. The nurses know what they are doing and are too gentle to cause pain to the client.

For 9 weeks, I will be getting a dose of Glutathione IV Infusion. Now, on the 3rd week, I am already seeing improvements. My skin looks glowing and smoother than before! And I haven't contacted a virus for the past weeks and I tell you, that is a huge improvement for my extremely weak system!

Different facial treatments are included in the Finessa Bride package. For the 1st week, I had AHA Fruit Peel Facial. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid which has rejuvenating effects on the skin if applied topically. Aside from that, AHA works as a mild exfoliant that facilitates the removal of dead and damaged skin cells by penetrating the uppermost part of the skin.

The procedure started with washing my face with a foaming gel. Afterwards, the acid was applied and allowed to stay on the skin for about 3 minutes. Then my face was washed again to prepare it for steaming.
Before the start of the facial steam, cold pads were placed on my eyes. This was so relaxing that I think I got a good nap in the middle of the process.
After my face has rested, deep cleaning and extraction was done. Truth be told, that was the very first facial extraction I have undergone. There was pain but bearable. My pores looked clean and my face felt fresh immediately after.
I requested the nurse to remove her gloves because my skin, sometimes, reacts to latex.
After the treatment, a high frequency treatment was done to reduce appearance of fine lines and to shrink enlarged pores.
My facial treatments ended with an application of chemical that would further exfoliate the skin.

Just two days after the treatment, the glow was already noticed on my skin. This photo was really an I-woke-up-like-this kind. I loved the effect so much that I went out with only moisturizer and sunblock on my face! Oh, and brows pala! :)
And just another two days after that, my skin started to peel. It wasn't painful, don't worry. The peeling revealed a new layer of skin that looked smooth and felt soft.

For the first week on body treatments, I underwent Celluslim and Reform. Don't be fooled by my body. I may look thin but I have fats showing here and there. Below was a photo of my tummy before the treatment. I just had heavy snacks, thus, the bloat. Aaaahhh... excuses!

Celluslim uses ultrasonic waves to lyse fat cells. It decreases the number of fat cells for an immediate slimmer area. Though it can be done on almost all body parts, I have decided to get it for my abdominal area where I have most of unwanted fats. And, my wedding dress will be tight on this area so I cannot afford to have my flabs showing on photos.
After the area was cleansed, a gel was applied. The machine was used by rotating the head around the area with applied pressure. Since I have high tolerance, the intensity was increased. The procedure was done on all areas of my abdomen including the sides for definition.

For better results, Reform was done right after Celluslim. Reform uses radiofrequency combined with heat to shrink fat cells. RF cream was applied on the area and just like in Celluslim, the RF head was swiftly rotated on the targeted area.

So how did it go? I lost about 1cm on my tummy!
Amazing, right? Actually, the changes I have been seeing are quite addicting! The Finessa Bride Package bundled with right diet and exercise will sure give me that most stunning look I am aiming for for my big day!

Stay tuned for the Week 2 of my Finessa Bride journey! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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