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With all the tasks I am bound to do, it dawned on me how busy my life has been these past few days, weeks and months.  A good kind of busy, if I may say. And this will sure last until I drop one from my plate. Still, my job as a teacher takes majority of my day and I still have about 2-3 sidelines along with it. And my wedding and blogging tasks go on top of those. I am fine with it, seriously, and I think I am currently at my best. But with everything that I have and balancing those to fit in my 24 hours, it is the Me-Time, which my body badly screams, that always take the backseat.

Normally, I don't have time to squeeze in a quick pampering session in my schedule. I would rather go straight home and try to relax as much as possible. I would rather lounge on my couch than drop by somewhere to get my mani and pedi fix. But my recent introduction to Celebrity Nails Home Service Nail Spa changed the game and I have been addicted since then.

As their name implies, Celebrity Nails Home Service Nail Spa brings all the nail spa services in the comfort of our homes. They are armed with luggage that have everything they need -- from seats to hand lotions -- to give clients the most relaxing me-time at home.

It was days before Mother's Day when I booked Celebrity Nails for a home service Spa Pedicure as a gift for my soon-to-be mother-in-law. Days before the service, she was asking me to accompany her to a nearby salon to get her nails done. And since my busy schedule just couldn't accommodate her request and I already had this plan in mind, I kept on ignoring her requests. So imagine her delight when she opened the door for 2 nail technicians with a handful of stuff which she knew will be used for her much-needed Spa Pedicure session.

The nail technicians readily set-up their things and immediately proceeded with the treatment when they got in to our house. Since we have a limited space at home, we opted to just use our sofa instead of the seat they brought. When Celebrity Nails  said they will bring the nail spa services in our home, they meant it. They had everything they needed! It was like transforming our home into a nail spa minus the ACs and the room aroma.

We availed the Spa Pedicure (Php600) which includes pedicure + foot filing, scrubbing and foot mask. Since the nail technicians has everything they need for the service, we only had to sit comfortably on our sofa and got pampered.

Celebrity Nails offers from head to toe pampering. Yes, even facial and waxing services. They can even set up a Spa Party for you! Clients only have to inform the services they want to avail beforehand so they can bring the materials and machines for the treatment.
My soon-to-be mother-in-law got so hooked with the idea of home service nail spa that she no longer want to go out to get her nails done! Oh well, given her age and how we have enjoyed the services of Celebrity Nails, I think we'll have our pampering sessions at home regularly.

For reference, here are the services offered by Celebrity Nails:
For more information, visit Celebrity Nails Metro East on Facebook or contact 0917-833-2765.

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