Underarm Treatments with Finessa Aesthetica: Session 5 (DSS and ChemEx) and Session 6 (USS)

The thing with skincare programs and treatments series, you have to have time for it. You need to make a space in your tight schedule to make sure you stay on track with the schedule of treatments to be done. And that became a pain on my part. If you have noticed, my posts about underarm treatments were delayed. Not that I didn't have time to write, it was that I didn't have time to visit Finessa Aesthetica. But after the hell week from graduate studies, I am slowly getting the groove back, hence, a continuation of the series.

Session 5, or the second session of the cycle 2, focused on getting rid of the dead skin layers. Actually, it was the last session I had before the hell of the hell week in graduate studies took over my schedule. It was perfect because after the session, I had to take a week off to give way for the peeling.

I still shave to get rid of the hairs that were able to survive after two laser removal sessions, thus, the stubble. It can already be noticed hoe my underarm has improved after one cycle.

Diamond Silk Skin is diamond peel, yes. It exfoliates the skin using a diamond tip. Dead skin cells are sucked out from the surface in the process. In about 5-10 minutes, the skin felt soft and looked a tad brighter than before.  

The suction makes the skin red but don't worry, it doesn't last. The session ended with the application of chemical for exfoliation.

Unlike the first cycle, the peeling commenced on the 2nd day. More skin was peeled off which revealed a better looking layer.

The session 6 should have done just 2 weeks after session 5 but because of my tight schedule, I wasn't able to visit. It was just last week when I got to continue the treatments. I was worried that the postponement of session 6 might have caused me to repeat the entire program. Good thing, after assessment, Dr. Tiongson said it is still good to go for the continuation.

This was how my underarm looked like despite the 3 weeks delay on the treatment. Still better than before. Session 6 was for lightening. Every fourth session of the cycle, a vibratory scraper is used to get rid of superficial dirt like black heads and dead skin cells.

A cream was applied prior to the procedure. This cream protect the skin from the vibrations which are hardly felt in the first place.

Then the scraper was used on the skin. Again, the vibration is hardly felt except for the metal touching the skin.

After the treatment, the skin felt soft and looked lighter. This procedure can be done on a weekly basis which gives me an idea that I should have this more often.

So far, my underarms look and feel so much better. The hair growth has lessened, the chicken skin are less visible and the skin looks even now. I still have 2 more cycles to go!

Many of you have been asking how much does the entire package costs. Well, like I always say, the price depends on the severity of the case and starts at around Php19000. Costly, yes, but worth it. Buuuuuutttt... Finessa Aesthetica is now offering the Whitening and Hair Removal Underam Luminosity Program for just Php9,999!

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Stay tuned for more about this series! :)


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