TenRen Tea is Now Open in the Philippines

Tea is one drink, aside from water, that I would be glad to consume in my entire life. I don't mind what kind, honestly. It can be hot or cold or on its own or with milk, as long as its freshly brewed, I am good with it. I take one cup of tea almost every day to aid my digestion. Whenever I am out, I crave for milk teas. I am Jes, I am a tea addict.

I think I have tried all famous tea and milk tea places in the metro. I have my favorite picks in each one and still, I get excited with the feels of the first sip. Just recently, that tea-excitement got doubled when I got invited to try the newest tea and milk tea place in Promenade, Greenhills -- TenRen Tea.
TenRen Tea is the largest, best known tea manufacturer in the Far East with over 5 tea factories and more than 2000 stores. It was founded in 1953 in Taiwan and has quickly expanded to provide high-quality teas and ginseng in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and now, Philippines.

What set TenRen Tea apart is their passion for providing the highest quality of freshly brewed whole leaf teas. All tea leaves used are guaranteed authentic as everything come from TenRen's own tea farm. Each ingredient is painstakingly selected to bring a legitimate tea experience.
The TenRen Tea branch in the Philippines is located at the 2nd floor of Promenade, Greenhills (beside Gerry's Grill). The store has a substantial selection of teas and snacks. They also have a wide variety of tea cups and tea infusers.
We were able to try some of their products during the launch and here are my favorites:
Green Tea Mochi and Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Walnut Candy
The infused tea in these snacks can be tasted in every bite. Being a green tea addict, this mochi is heaven!

Green Tea Mango Slush
Yes, fresh and sweet mango goodness in a cup of cold, freshly-brewed Green Tea! TenRen only uses real fruits (not the powdered ones!) in their fruit teas and slushes. Must try!

And their pearls/sago taste different too as they are cooked in a rich honey concoction instead of the usual sugar.

If only Greenhill is just minutes away from me, I will sure frequent TenRen Tea! But for those who have easy access and are near the area, be sure to drop by TenRen! :)
This tea set is hunting me! Ang ganda!
For more information, visit TenRen Tea Philippines on Facebook and

♥ Jes ♥

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