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Defining the face to accentuate one's features has been a necessity that it has presented itself in various forms. I am pretty sure you have heard about and tried strobing or upping up the highlighting game on the areas where light would naturally hit the face. Draping, or the use of two complementary cheek blushes to drape the the facial angles, is slowly entering the beauty scene too. But all these are just outgrowths of the famous and well-tested, old school contouring and highlighting techniques.

The art of contouring (and highlighting) is hard to master, actually, but with the right products, tools, and techniques, anyone can play great on this game. Maybelline New York has found ways to achieve an instant nose lift and a defined facial features in just minutes with its first contouring line -- V-Face Contour by Face Studio.

Maybelline V-Face Contour aims to deliver the ability to accentuate features in a quick and easy way. The line is composed of 3 products that promise the perfect contoured look without looking overly done.

I will be reviewing these products individually soon but for now, let me share with you how I used them to cop a celeb contoured look of... Heart Evangelista. Heart's face needs no contouring but she still prefers to carved her cheekbones and lift her nose to further accentuate her features.

In this photo, her makeup artist lightly shaded the hollows of her cheeks for a chiseled look and dust a little contour the sides of her nose to lift it a bit. I tried to cop the look with V-Face Contour by Face Studio and see how it fared!

Using the V-Face Duo Stick, I applied the dark shade along the hairline, hollows of cheeks, jawlines, and sides of nose bridge, and the highlighter on the high points of the face. And with my fingers, I lightly blend the colors.

To set everything in place, I used the VFace Powder. I used the dark shade for the contour, the light shade for the highlight and the mixture of both shades to even out the color of the rest of my face.
To bring back the color, I pat on some blush in the V-Face Duo Blush Contour along the cheekbones. Since I needed to further carve the look, I dust off some dark contour shade on the hollows of the cheeks and on the sides of the nose.

I don't, in any way, look like Heart Evangelista (wish ko lang, diba?) but I am confident enough to, somehow,  have achieved a contoured look. I was able to cop this look in less than 5 minutes, I tell you. Not bad, right?
Maybelline V-Face Contour by Face Studio is now available in Maybelline counters nationwide. Get the V-Face Duo Stick and the V-Face Duo Powder for only Php499.00 and the V-Face Blush Contour for just Php399.00. For more information, please visit

Which of these products are you excited about? :)

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