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Gone are days when I would have an all-nighter searching for online shops that carries the Korean products I want, wait for weeks (and even months) to have it shipped, and deal with insane price markups. When Althea Korea entered our local shores two years ago, our Korean beauty and skincare shopping experience has changed... a lot and in a much better way. With its wide range of products, crazy discounts and packages, and super fast and reliable shipping methods, everyone got hooked and until now, is addicted to shopping for Korean beauty and skincare products.

To celebrate its 2nd birthday last July, Althea Korea treated its customers with limited edition birthday boxes and tons of freebies! How generous  can they be, right?

For my order, I got a huge teal birthday box and some DIY stuff to decorate it with. The lack of creativity in my system brought me to this. You may laugh now! :)

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And these were the products inside:

Would you believe that I only ordered 5-6 products and most of these were freebies/gifts from Althea Korea? Again, how generous can they be?!

Obviously, I focused on skincare just like the usual. I repurchased a few while the rest were new products I am meaning to try. Let us go through them one by one, shall we?

An eye cream is a must in my skincare routine so I always make sure I have enough backups in my stash. Whenever I visit Althea Korea,  the first products I check out are the eye creams. I haven't tried or even heard of the brand Milky Dress so when I saw that it has an eye cream that is unbelievably inexpensive, I immediately put it in my cart. The Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream (Php210.00, 15ml) claims to brighten dark circles and protect the eyelids intensively. Its light and fresh gel texture keeps moisture and elasticity of the skin for long hours. It has huge claims for its price but still, let us see how it works!

I repurchased the Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream (Php 400.00, 30ml) because I love how moisturizing and hydrating it is on the under eyes. Its formulation is filled with nutritional ingredients that helps whiten and improve the condition of the under eyes. It feels light on the skin and believe me, it really does moisturize!

Just like with eye creams, moisturizers are vital in my skincare routine as my dry skin cries for hydration and moisture. I got interested with the Onsaemeein Perfect Moisture Cream (Php 340.00, 70ml) because it is dubbed to be a water magnet. It is formulated with Trehalose extracts that helps improve wrinkles and keeps water in the skin from evaporating. Interesting fact: Trehalose makes flowers and plants grow in desserts.

When I saw the It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector (Php 390.00, 30ml), I knew I had to have it. It is a brightening serum enriched with Vitamin C and green tea extracts to brighten and lighten freckles and skin pigmentation. I hope this really works!

I vowed to my skin that once a week, I will deep cleanse and detoxify. I am a fan of charcoal cleansers and masks that when I saw the Black & Black Cleansing Foam (Php262.00)  I got very excited. It comes with a facial brush too! It promises to makes the skin soft and healthy by discharging the dirt through deep cleansing.

And last for my purchases is the A'Pieu No Poreblem Cover Balm (Php 300.00, 25g).  Based on its name, it is a face balm that covers pores and lines for a smoother texture. It also helps in keeping the oil at bay making the face look fresh.

So what did I get as freebies? Here they are!

Wonde Ruci Light Light Eye Balm (Php 840.00, 20g)
Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity (Php 90.00, 10ml)

Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pads - Jasmine (Php  60.00)
Beuins Soothing Sleeping Mask (samples) (Php 440.00, 30ml)

Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask (Php 130.00)
AquaBlossom White Effect Oled Cream (samples)
Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner and Lotion (samples)

Visit Althea Korea for your Korean skincare and beauty finds and catch the irresistible deals!

Do you want me to feature or review any of these products? Just leave a comment below!


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