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A back to back haul posts? Why not?

Now that I am pregnant (I am on my 36th week!) and have to be limited and be extra careful with my movements, it is a conscious decision for me and my husband to stay away from crowded places, malls and markets included. Basically the reason why, lately, I am so much into online shopping. I get everything online, from baby needs like cloth diapers and breast pads to my personal needs wants like makeup and makeup tools.

I have noticed that the makeup brushes hoarding is again back to me and because of this, I couldn't stop checking out and shopping for brushes. Can I just blame my laziness in washing my used bushes for this and be forgiven? When I posted this photo on Instagram,  a lot of people asked me where I got those brushes. I have accumulated a number, in different sizes, color and styles, from different shops. But I got the travel-sized one and probably the most inexpensive set from is an online e-commerce company offering a wide variety of products from consumer electronics to beauty and fashion items. Products are in stock and are about 10-70% cheaper compared to other websites. And averagely, they ship the products way faster than other international shops.

Though I was hesitant because it was my first time to order from the site, I still went on and push through with shopping. After all, they have inexpensively priced brush sets which I couldn't say no to. I just became extra careful in choosing and only ordered those that I was sure will not break or be damaged in the process of shipping.

I got the 10pc Pro Face and Eye Makeup Brush Set (Travel Size) for $4.75 or about Php240.00. It has 6 face brushes and 4 eye brushes that are made from synthetic fibers and around 14 cm in length. The bristles are soft and apply makeup evenly. This set also has a flat contour brush which I love! The kabuki brushes it comes with are not that dense but they work. The eye brushes work good too!

 Just for the eyes, I got the 12pc Pro Eye Makeup Brush Set (Travel Size). It is priced at $3.48 or about Php176.00. Like the 10pc Pro Face and Eye Makeup Brush Set, these are made with synthetic fibers and around 14-16cm in length. The brushes perform decently with the exception of the fan brush. It is so thin and scratchy. :( Also, a few strands fell off on the first wash.

And when I was about to confirm my orders, I saw the Summer Boho Long Maxi Dress on the side bar. Because of its price, $6.46 or Php328.00, I included it in my cart. I got it in white and in Medium expecting that it would look as gorgeous on me. Lo and behold, when I received it, it no longer fits my bulging pregnancy bump and it is too thin and sheer for my liking. The sad part of online shopping. I haven't worn it but rest assured I can find other ways to make use of it.

Online shopping is always a hit or a miss. In my case with, I am in the middle. I like some and so-so with the others. Will I order again? Sure, especially the brushes but for the clothes, I should be extra extra careful.

Check out the products available at and you might find something you'll like. The shipping takes about 7-20 days, as long as there would be no customs problems, and is ranging from $0 - $15. If you are looking for hair extensions and wigs, check out They offer a wide range of selections on wigs and extensions.

I'll be sharing with you my other hauls soon. Are you interested on what I got for my soon-to-arrive baby? I can share it with you too!


♥ Jes ♥

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