Review: Bench Organics Refreshing Cucumber Facial Cleanser

Have you experienced being too lazy to remove your makeup because you're either too sleepy or too drunk to do so? Haha! I sometimes find it tedious to get a cotton ball and wipe all the makeup off my face. If I get very lazy, I usually rely on my facial cleanser to wash the colors off but I know that will never be enough. But how can I remove my makeup on the fastest possible time? Enter my knowledge about makeup remover wipes.

I have watched and read reviews about the ELF Studio Makeup Removing Cleansing Cloths but I never see it on ELF counters so my wants to try it never got into reality. I was about to purchase the wipes from Etude House when I accidentally saw the Bench Organics Refreshing Cucumber Facial Cleanser.

Because the line at the counter was long, I had all the time to read the details of this facial cleanser. It says it removes makeup so off it went to my basket. For the price of Php30.00 for 10 wipes, it won't hurt if it doesn't work as expected.

I love how soft the wipes are. It doesn't scratch or hurt whenever wiped onto my face.

Bench Organics Refreshing Cucumber Facial Cleanser says:
Gentle cleansing facial wipes that help remove dirt, oil, and stubborn makeup even without water. Contain moisturizers to leave skin soft, smooth, and fresh. Lightly scented and suited for all skin types.

Just like what I did with the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid (read my review HERE), I subjected this cleanser on a test. I swatched my K-Palette 24/7 Eyeliner and my Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara on my hand and tried to remove it with the Bench Facial Cleanser. This was what happened:

Left: K-Palette 24/7 Eyeliner; Right: Maybelline mascara
I wiped it softly with the Bench Organics Facial Cleanser:
Notice the remains of the eyeliner and mascara?
I wiped it hard and this was what remained on my hand:

It totally removed the K-Palette 24/7 Eyeliner but some mascara was left. Nevertheless, it worked!

What I LIKE about this product:
  • Inexpensive -- Php30.00 for 10 wipes.
  • Moisturizing -- Not like other facial wipes, this does not dry my skin.
  • Successfully removes makeup
  • Very soft cloth was used for the wipes
  • Handy
  • Perfect for out-of-town trips and sleepovers -- No need to bring cotton balls and bulky makeup remover bottles.
  • I had no breakouts issue
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Alcohol-free!
  • Available in Bench outlets

What I DON'T LIKE about this product:
  • The scent may be annoying to some -- I expect this to smell like cucumber but it has to since it has cucumber extracts. But...I think it smells like milk tea! Good thing, I love milk tea!
  • I sometimes have a hard time removing waterproof mascaras

Will I repurchase?
YES! This is ideal for my lazy days and my trips!

  1. I use these wipes ONLY when I feel lazy to remove my makeup. I still use my Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid as my everyday makeup remover.
  2. This works better in removing mascaras than the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid.

This product is now a resident in my makeup kit. But still, I want to try ones from ELF and Etude House, they might work even better.


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