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As I type this post, the rain is still pouring hard outside. Please stay safe, wherever you are! I pray for everyone's safety!


For the past months, I was thinking of getting eyelash extensions. I did researches here and there to make sure I'll arrive to the best decision but when I was all set to have my dull-looking lashes extended, a co-teacher (who had extensions before) told me I can't go swimming after for it will damage the extensions. And that single statement drove me away from getting that fuller-looking eyelashes I've always wanted. I love swimming and I chose to swim than have long and fuller eyelashes. Hehe!

So yes, I have decided to just stick with my usual routine -- lengthening and volumizing mascara for everyday and a set of false eyelashes for special events. I was running out of my current favorite mascara, the Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo, when Nicole of Born Pretty Store emailed me to say that she sent me a mascara set for review.

And just some days after, I picked up the Car Mela Mascara Composition from our local post office. 

I died when I saw the packaging. This leopard-printed eyewear case houses two tubes of mascara -- the Transplanting Gel and the Natural Fiber. It came with a instructional guide on how to use the set but I have to email Nicole for the instructions because I could not understand a single word. It's in Chinese, ata. 

This set is unusual for me, to be honest. This set came with a transplanting gel, which looks like more of the usual mascara, and a natural fiber, which is basically a tube of fibers. 

Transplanting Gel wand.
Natural Fiber wand.
Eyelash slender secret recipe + Transplanting Gel (included in the longer one) + Fiber ( the shorter one)
1, use the longer one to brush your eyelash equably, as the picture B shows
2, use the fiber to add the length of your eyelash, make it longer and longer, as the picture C shows
3, use the loneger one again to cover the white fiber, make your eyelash longer
4, recycle the 2-3 steps for several times, make it long enough to as you want. : )

Information came from Born Pretty Store website.

Interesting, indeed. I tested out its claim of being waterproof and proved that it is water-resistant but not really waterproof. The gel and the fiber withstood the presence of water but both were ruined after some careful rubbing.

So after weeks of using, I am ready to share to you my thoughts about this mascara set from Born Pretty Store.

What I LIKE:
  • Inexpensive -- The set costs $11.00 or roughly around Php460.00.
  • Very cute leopard-printed packaging -- I have plans of using it as a case for my eyeglasses. :)

  • Water-resistant
  • Sealed upon purchase -- This is important to make sure that you're actually getting a fresh, new tube.
  • No weird smell
  • Lengthens my lashes
  • Does not look clumpy even after 2-3 applications
  • Looks natural
  • Born Pretty Store has awesome service!

  • Does not hold the curls
  • The fiber goes everywhere during application.
  • Somehow tedious to do 2 steps to get the results -- Some mascaras lengthen the lashes in just one go.
  • Only available in one shade.

Will I repurchase?
No, I still prefer the ones from Maybelline and Majolica Majorca even if those are a bit pricier.

Do you're eye makeup first before proceeding with your face makeup. The fiber goes everywhere and has the tendency to stick on to the foundation. Just use a fan brush to clean your face from fibers and then apply you're face makeup like usual. 



Look at all the fibers on my upper lids.

Generally, I like the Car Mela Mascara Composition but I like the ones from Maybelline and Majolica Majorca more. I don't think this set will work good on those in a hurry to do their makeup because you have to do 2 steps to achieve the results. Nevertheless, if you're after the sure length, this mascara set is worth a try!

Do you want to purchase anything from Born Pretty Store? Use the coupon code JES5J61 to get a 5% discount on your purchases! 

The product was sent by the company for review purposes. The opinions and thoughts written in this post were owned by the blog owner and were not influenced in any way.

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