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I am not a fan of movies. Given a chance, i would rather read a book for hours than spend an hour or two inside a movie house. I don't know why but I always fall asleep whenever watching a movie, may it be inside a theater or at home. But there are exceptions, of course, and one of which are horror movies.

Maybe I should start labeling myself as a horror movie fan for it is one of the few types of movies that keep me awake and focused. By this, you cannot blame me if I immediately grabbed the opportunity to watch The Ring 3 for free thrown through twitter by the dearest Ms. Earth of Thank you, Ms. Earth! 

So the event was an advance screening of the Sadako The Ring 3: Original Sequel held last August 6, 2012 at SM Marikina. Yes, even before the monsoon rain wrecked the totality of Marikina, my co-teachers and I were able to watch and enjoy a movie.

I am no good in doing movie reviews, honestly. The most I can do is just to say if its worth watching and to compare it with other horror films I've watched. I watched all the previous The Ring movies and I must say that those triggered my love for horror films. Though much different from the previous The Ring films, The Ring 3 still has that gulat factor. Yes, we screamed out hearts out, we went crazy covering our eyes and we felt frightened at some point but not to the extent that we feel haunted by it. Is it worth-watching? YES, it is. But don't compare it to the old The Ring movies you might be frustrated.

I must share this, I don't like the new concept of the Sadako monsters, if those are monsters. They look creepy but funny. They have those long legs that look like the limbs of a frog and they act as if they are in Alien vs. Predator. I warned you, I am not good in doing movie reviews.

Nevertheless, my co-teachers and I enjoyed it! I still don't get the ending so please enlighten me if you watch the movie and are able to understand it. :)

Again, thank you, Ms. Earth! We enjoyed it! Sa uulitin ha? :)

Sadako The Ring 3: Original Sequel is now showing in all leading cinemas nationwide!

Don't worry, my family and I are doing fine. Thank God, we live in high points of Marikina, hence, we were safe despite the heavy rain. Please continue praying for those who were affected by flood!

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