NYX Eye and Lip Pencils | The MakeUp Haul

One of the many things I learned from Jheng of IAmBrigitte is to use a colored eye liner to amp up the usual boring neutrals. I was so inspired by her neutrals EOTD that it made me hunt for colored eyeliners right away! Since I am on a tight budget, I needed to go for the budget-friendly ones. And just like that, NYX Cosmetics went to the top of my list. 

Fortunately, The MakeUp Haul by Lyka was then having a huge sale! I immediately browsed through the selection and hurriedly sent an order form. Just after a few days after I sent my payment, these lovelies were delivered. Smooth and hassle-free transaction, ftw!

NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in 911 Emerald City and 930 Teal | NYX Lip Pencil in 834 Prune

I know, I should have bought colored liquid eyeliners just like what Jheng uses. But can you blame me when I got overwhelmed by the sale price of these liners? I bought these for only Php50.00 each! Yes, you read that right! Php50.00!

Stay tuned for reviews and FOTDs using these liners but for now, check out The MakeUp Haul! Please tell Lyka that I sent you there! hehe! :)

Wait, where can I get good colored liquid eyeliners?

These items were bought using my own money! :)

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