Review | Kiko Definition Eyeliner

I am not so much into lining my eyes despite the knowledge of how important it is. For regular everyday, I can skip the liner and just proceed with mascara. But whenever I feel the likes and the needs to line my eyes, I always reach out to my trustee K-Palette 24hr Lasting Eyeliner (I need to have an updated review on that!). But last week, I had to rummage through my stash and look for an alternative because my K-Palette eyeliner bid its goodbye and I couldn't seem to find my backup. I was hesitant to try Kiko Definition Eyeliner because of its super thin brush but since it was on top, I gave it a try.

I got this one from the package my Tita Mama in Italy sent me. Again, I am bothered with how thin the brush is. Whenever I use it, I have to line my eyes in about 3-4 times just to get the thickness that I want.

Eyeliner fluid with applicator brush, easy to use.
Its texture "plastic" - based on acrylates and pigments high concentration - adheres easily to the eyelid for extra effect-black shiny and bright.
Easy to remove make-up thanks to the formula delicate water-based and free of parabens.
The applicator brush ensures a simple and extremely thin at the same time precise and faithful in the stroke.
Available in black.

What I LIKE:

  • It gives an intense black color in one swipe.
  • It dries fast, as in around 5 seconds.
  • It has no pungent smell.
  • The brush is very to control. It also gives a very thin and precise line.
  • It is very easy to remove, even with just plain water.

  • It has a very shiny finish. Okay, there are times that I want my liner to stand out but I still prefer it to be matte, or better yet, not as shiny as this.
  • The brush is to thin. I have to go along the same line just to have the thickness I want.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • It is not available locally.

Will I repurchase?

It is too shiny for my taste but I have found a way to work with -- I top it with a black eyeshadow. I love the instant smokey effect. The intense black color shows near the lashes as I feather out the black eyeshadow on my lids. It is not as shiny but it still has its vibrant color.

For someone who wants thin lines and is after a shiny, standout liner, Kiko Definition Eyeliner is for you. I may still use it but not as a total replacement of the K-Palette. 

What is your favorite liquid eyeliner? :)

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