Tutorial | Red Lips

Whenever I am lazy to put makeup, I just do my brows and reach out for my favorite red lipstick. I love how easily a red lipstick can make me look pretty without exerting too much effort. This trick never fails to do its charm of making me look glam in an instant. Today, I'll be sharing with you the way on how I get that perfect red lips. 

1. Exfoliate lips and apply lip balm. I like my red lipsticks matte. I know you know how most matte lipsticks can make the lips look dry and flaky. Exfoliating the lips will get rid of dead, flaky skin and will make the lips look plump.

2. Prime the lips. Lipstick primers get into the crevices of the lips making it look full. Primers will also help in making the color last longer.

3. With a red lip pencil, line the lips. Make sure to get into the corners and edges of the lips. Using a lip liner under a lipstick will make the lipstick stay on longer than usual.

4. Fill in the lips with the lip pencil.

5. Apply a red lipstick of your choice on top of the lip pencil. It would be better to use a lip brush to get into the corners and to get precise lines.

6. It may look messy at this point, so we'll clean up the edges with a concealer.

7. Clean up the edges following the shape that you want. Blend the concealer until no harsh lines are seen. The concealer will also make the lips look plump.  DONE.

I believe every girl should always have a red lipstick with her! A swipe of a red lipstick will sure make a girl look pretty without effort. Look at the above picture, can you say I just woke up? :)

Carmex lipbalm
Nichido Lip Pencil in Rosette
Sophie lipstick in Russian Red
Nichido Spot Concealer
Charm concealer brush
Charm lip brush 

I am thinking of splurging on a red lipstick. What do you think of MAC Ruby Woo? Should I get it? :)

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