On My Nails: Girl Stuff Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic nail polishes have been in the circulation for some time now but it was just recently when I had the urge to try one. There are so many brands, local and foreign, that carry their own versions of magnetic nail polishes. Girl Stuff has their own collection too but everything being Formaldehyde-free (Bye, yellow nails!) sets their magnetic polishes apart.

Some weeks ago, I thought of giving the Girl Stuff Magnetic Nail Polish a spin. I was so bored with plain polishes  (that time) but I don't have enough creative energy to think of what to do so I decided to try the magnetic nail polishes I have in my stash. 

Each Girl Stuff Magnetic Nail Polish comes with a magnet that creates the design. If I am not mistaken, there are two kinds of designs available, diagonal stripes and swirls. On the pictures below, I used the silver shade (sorry, I don't know the name) and the magnet that has diagonal-stripes design.

Girl Stuff Magnetic Nail Polishes (Php 249.00 each) are very easy to use. Just apply nail polish on to fingers and hold the magnet as close to the polished nail as possible. Wait for about 10 seconds and a design will then be created on the nails.

After 3 days, the tips began to chip. Because I wanted to keep the awesomeness of the magnetic nail polish, I did a french tip with a blue nail polish (Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Judy) to cover the chipped tips and put on some pink dots (Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Pretty in Pink) on top as an added design.

The polish on my pointing finger dried even before I placed the magnet on top.
So yeah, better if you'll do one nail at a time.

I love how this simple nail art looks. My nails looked effortlessly nice with Girl Stuff Magnetic Nail Polish.

For more information, visit Girl Stuff Forever on Facebook.

Have you tried magnetic nail polishes?

♥ Jes ♥

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