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Happy weekend!

This will be quick as I am heading out to spend time with my family before I burn my ass off again in doing some requirements for work. I just want to share the products I got from my recent trip to HBC.

HBC, for me at least, is known to be a place of inexpensive yet quality products. It has been a long time since I last bought something from HBC so you could not blame me if I was too excited on getting something from the store that I even asked my friend, Donna, to suggest on some HBC products to try. 

Here are the things I got:

  • San San BB Cream in Natural -- This is the first thing that Donna suggested for me to try. I have read her review about it and I am hoping that I would also like it like she does.
  • Body Recipe Lightening Powder -- I just curious with this product so I got it. Let's see how it works on my feet. I have dark spots on my feet that I want to lighten. :)
  • Body Recipe Feminine Wash in Guava
  • Body Recipe Bath Soap in Milk -- It is said to help in moisturizing the skin. The dry-skinned person in me didn't think twice so this soap went straight into my shopping basket.
  • Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment and Kerating Hot Oil Treatment -- My hair needs love too. And who would say no to a Php15.00 product that promises to make hair look and feel better?
  • Hortaleza, M.D. Dermatox Age Reducer Facial Toner -- At 27, I think I need to start incorporating age defying products on my routine. Hahaha!
  • Body Recipe Sunflower Pearl Cream -- When the sales associate heard my concern about dry skin, she immediately recommended this cream to be used prior to makeup application. According to her, this product is good in making the skin soft and smooth.
  • San San Single Eyeshadow in Yellow Topaz and Blueberry Pop -- For just Php50.00 a pop, these single eyeshadows are great buys. As I type this post, I am already lemming on the other shades.
  • San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Brown -- I have read and heard good things about this eyeliner pen so I decided to also give it a try. Honestly, I am a bit apprehensive in trying this just because I have found my HG eyeliner and it is a tough one to beat but let's see. 
  • [not in photo] HP Style Lock Hair Spray -- I used it on a client and it worked good in holding the hairstyle for long hours!

I am still on the verge of roadtesting some these products. On the right and perfect time, I will be giving my on each of these lovelies.

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Have you tried any of the products above? Share your thoughts about it! :)

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