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With the intense heat we are experiencing here in the Philippines, we can no longer deny that summer has officially started! It is the perfect time to apply generous amount of sunscreens to keep our skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun! But do you know that sunscreens/sunblock are not just summer things and should be part of our everyday skincare routine? Yes, sunblocks should be applied everyday because, aside from the sun, even bright lights and computer radiation are enough to harm the skin. And with religious application of sunscreens, premature aging secondary to sun exposure can be prevented. 

There are so many sunscreens available in the market. You can just get whatever tickles your fancy. But for me, I want my sunscreens to be lightweight, non-sticky and most of all, affordable. Too ideal, right? No need to worry because Belo SunExpert makes it to my requirements!

Belo SunExpert provides broad spectrum protection against the sun's harmful ultraviolet A and B rays. It is in fact rated PA+++, the highest rating given for UVA protection found locally. It also has Cell Protect technology that works at the cellular level to strengthen the skin's defense system. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic.

Not sure if  Belo SunExpert will work for you? Head over to and get FREE full-sized samples of Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF60, Face Cover SPF40, and Transparent Mist SPF50!

I'll post a review on these products soon so stay tuned! :)

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