Say NO to Ngilo with Sensodyne

I feel so fortunate to have a good, strong set of teeth. All thanks to genes and proper oral care. But having a strong army of calcified structures in my mouth does not spare me from having oral problems. I don't have halitosis, please. I am talking about teeth sensitivity. Whenever I eat hot or cold food, I experience short, sharp pain. I would normally just endure and settle with the pain, it goes away shortly after all. I just found out that I am not alone in this situation. 

Based on studies, 9 out of 10 Filipino suffer from sensitive teeth or pangingilo. And just like me, people who suffer from sensitive teeth just endure the pain. To put a stop to this oral problem, GlaxoSmithKline, in collaboration with the Philippine Dental Association, is embarking on the advocacy to fight against sensitive teeth through the "Say No to Ngilo" campaign.

Sensodyne is the number-one sensitivity brand in the market and the most recommended brand by dentists for sensitive teeth. It provides clinically proven relief and daily protection to sensitive teeth.

In their commitment to make the every Filipino free from sensitive teeth, GlaxoSmithKline makes Sensodyne for accessible and affordable by having Sensodyne sachets for only Php10.00. These sachets will now be sold in all supermarkets and even sari-sari stores. The sachet format of Sensodyne will encourage more Filipinos to proactively manage their sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne is committed to create a future where every Filipino is sensitive-free. If you or anyone you know experience pangingilo or sensitive teeth, switching to Sensodyne can make a difference to your oral health.

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Let us now say NO to ngilo! :)

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