Etude House Skin Note Pore Tightening Hydrogel Mask

I use a facial mask at least once a week and whenever I do, my boyfriend will ask me with all curiosity, "What is that for?" I always try to give him answers he would immediately grasp but apparently, he doesn't seem to get the point of using one. Admit it, there are facial masks that are total waste of money. Good thing, I have a good set of those that really work! 

One of the brand I trust when it comes to facial mask is Etude House. Recently, I got to try their Skin Note Pore Tightening Hydrogel Mask, oh boy, I fell in love. 

Want to know why the Etude House Skin Note Pore Tightening Hydrogel Mask is a hit on my list? Read more!

When I was treating the pimples I got from a recent breakout, my skin went really dry. As in Sahara Desert level dryness. I was using my trusty set of skincare line but I knew I needed more, something that would go deep within my skin. Its name hydrogel is really catchy, for me at least. And the claim that it tighten pores got me.

The mask is made up of hydrogel, jelly-like kind of material, different from the usual moist paper-type. It was too slippery that I had a hard time unfolding it. But once I got it on my face, it held good. 

To make sure that the essence wouldn't drip, I lay for 30 minutes. It refreshes the skin in an instant because of its cooling sensation. It has a scent which is not at all bothering.

I LIKE that it ...
  • is easy to use.
  • refreshes the skin.
  • has a cooling sensation.
  • makes the skin soft and supple immediately after use.
  • didn't cause me any breakouts.
  • tightens pore.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  •  was too slippery/wet.
  • is (relatively) pricey for a one-time use mask.

I love how the Etude House Skin Note Pore Tightening Hydrogel Mask worked on my skin that I don't mind repurchasing though I find it a bit pricey for a mask. I heard it is available in other variants which got me even more excited on repurchasing it.

For more information, visit Etude House Philippines on Facebook. 

♥ Jes ♥

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