For my hair color needs, I #TrustOnlyMajirel!

Hair coloring is already a must in my system. I once had it light brown and made it ombre blonde a couple of months after. When I got bored with it, I rushed to a salon had it colored light brown with red undertone and put blonde accents on it. I could go and change the color of my hair every month or every time I feel like to if the health of my crowning glory is not and will not be sacrificed. I noticed that every time I color my hair, it would turn brittle and dry. I wanted to prevent further damages so I decided to just let my hair grow and just cut it when the roots reaches a decent length. But boy, the difference in color of the roots and the tips gross me out, thus, I need to look for a hair coloring brand that would do color my hair and care for it at the same time.

Truth be told, I haven't heard of Majirel before. Actually, whenever I'll have my hair colored in a salon, I don't pay attention to the brand they use on me. I trust them to color my hair without knowing that the brand they use actually has an effect to the health of my crowning glory after the procedure. It was just when I attended the launch of new faces of Majirel that I got to know Majirel and all the goodness it can bring to the hair.

I got a chance to have my hair colored with Majirel in one of the most premier salon in Manila, Frank Provost. I arrived in the salon with the dullest hair one could ever have. The natural color was halfway down the tips and the state was way below normal. I entrusted my crown with Laurent and the rest of his team. Trusting Majirel and Laurent to revive my hair was, so far, one of the best decision I have made.

Since my new work doesn't allow bold and bright hair color, I specifically asked for something that dark that goes lighter when under sunlight. Also, I was advised to get a darker color since, lately, I don't have time to visit the salon for touch ups. Yeah, it wasn't my usual hair color choice but going different wasn't bad after all.

The procedure with Majirel was pretty the same -- color, soak, rinse, blow dry and style. The main difference I felt was the smell and the feel after of Majirel. It doesn't smell off like other hair color and it leaves the hair feeling soft and healthy. Well, I haven't had that same experience with other hair coloring brands. Normally, after coloring, my hair would feel dry and brittle, thus, getting it treated is a must. But with Majirel, my hair needs no treatment after coloring because the trick is done while coloring.

After the waiting game, my hair reached its full glory. Saying that I am satisfies would be an understatement. I wasn't able to take a decent photo of my new hair color because of the lighting but I will update you soon.

It looks black on room lighting but the magic shows when my hair is hit by direct sunlight. It is, so far, the best coloring I have had and getting it done in a premier salon like Frank Provost made the experience even better. I shall come back and next time, it would be brighter and bolder for sure.

Now I vow that for my hair color and care needs, I #TrustOnlyMajirel.

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♥ Jes ♥

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