My Hand's Current Best Friend: Tony Moly Tangerine Moisture Hand Cream

I came back to work just two weeks ago and I haven't had time to breathe and relax since then. Classes will start in just about two weeks and I should get everything prepared. From the curriculum down to the visual aids I will use, everything should be on point before the first day of classes. Say hello to my teacher life! So before I go back and work, let me share with you a review of my favorite hand cream as of the moment -- Tony Moly Tangerine Moisture Hand Cream.

Just a few days ago, I went out with my friends and my lovely goddaughter. As we were playing, my goddaughter held my hands and literally screamed, "Oooooouch!" When I asked her why, she said while looking at my extremely dry hands, with peeling skin due to allergies, "Wag mo na gagalaw yan ah, para hindi dudugo."

I was knocked out. Even a 4-year old baby girl noticed the bad state of my hands. Moral of the story (since I don't have anything to do to cure my dry hands) : DO NOT forget to bring and religiously use your hand cream!

I have tried, used and abused a lot of hand creams, from different brands and in different scents. I fell in love with some while the others went straight to my the blah bin. When I received the Tony Moly Tangerine Moisture Hand Cream, though with all its cuteness, I was a bit apprehensive on trying it. I haven't tried any body creams from Tony Moly so I didn't know what to expect. Will it soften my skin? Will it prevent my hand from drying and peeling? Basically, will it work?

I was caught by its packaging! It was so brilliant to house it in a tub that looks like a fruit! Admit it, it looks legit! But aside from the cute packaging, this baby amazingly performs. It moisturizes and tames the skin of my hands in an instant. It feels very light that it gets absorbed by my hands immediately after application.

It is useless to house it in a tangerine tub if it won't smell like a tangerine, right? So yes, the cream smells orange-y. The scent lasts for about 2 hours which is longer compared to other creams. The work it does lasts longer than other creams too, which adds to the reasons why I like it.

The only thing off about this hand cream is that I have to dip my finger into the tub just to get the product. Somehow it is fine given I am the only one who uses it. But what if I want to share it with others? Tsktsk.

Will I repurchase? Definitely! I love it so much that I am on my last few uses. I make sure to always have it with me because it makes my skin appear less miserable in an instant. I cannot afford to have an eewww moment, may it be with my goddaughter or my boyfriend, so I have to have a performing hand cream with me. And for now and the next days, it would be the Tony Moly Tangerine Moisture Hand Cream.

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